Marvel 'Loki' Trailer: 4 Weird and Epic Moments to Watch Out for in Disney+ Series

Marvel 'Loki' Trailer: 4 Weird and Epic Moments to Watch Out For in Disney+ Series
Marvel gets weird with "Loki." With all the chaos and the confusing time-space continuum rips, here are some epic moments to watch out for when the series comes out on Disney Plus on June 9. Photo : Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Fans of the god of mischief know that he's just that: mischief. All the tricks and the magic Loki has displayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe up until Phase Three barely scratches the surface of how he is in the comics.

Canonically, Loki is quite the eccentric trickster with some charming good looks. He was even mistaken as Harry Styles by Midgardians (humans) and called "One Direction-y" by Hawkeye.

He is also very complex. When Tom Hiddleston talked about his character in the new "Loki" series for Empire's June 2021 issue, he mentioned the theme of identity and integrating the "disparate fragments of the many selves that he can be."

The show's title animation refreshes and changes shapes and fonts as a nod to Loki's shapeshifting abilities and probably a nod to the weird and the chaos the trickster god finds himself in as he works for the Time Variance Authority.

Marvel Embracing Weird in 'Loki'

Fans who have watched the majority,, if not all of the movies of Marvel would be able to see that the MCU now has been more embracing of the weird and quirky side of their characters in their respective comics.

The Phase One movies felt like the heroes were taking baby steps as characters, with their depth lying on the more serious side and they had a more grounded tone. It was what the MCU thought would bode well as a franchise, which they weren't wrong about.

With the MCU growing and stepping more and more outside of the box, and fans sticking along for the journey, they've gotten more comfortable with integrating the weird sides of their characters and their stories from the comics into the screen.

For Loki, this introduction to the quirkier side of the character could be seen in "Thor: Ragnarok" directed by Taika Waititi. Taika will also be back to direct the next Thor film, "Thor: Love and Thunder" which he said is one of the craziest things he's ever done.

This weird and crazy side of characters has been openly embraced since then, more so now with Phase Four and the TV shows they've got on the lineup on Disney Plus.

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Expect the Weird and Epic in Loki

Disney Plus and the Marvel Studios have been gearing up for their new series, dropping trailers and snippets of what's coming starting June 9th for the "Loki" series.

In those videos, a lot of easter eggs and epic scenes have got fans hyped for what's in store. Here are just a few of them:

1. Loki and the Roomba

In one fight scene, Loki, whom we learn isn't allowed to handle any weapons while working for the TVA, summoned a Roomba. The same way his brother Thor, god of thunder, could summon his hammer, the Mjolnir.

 Look at that smile of triumph.

2. The Mystery of D.B. Cooper finally answered

The mystery of D.B. Cooper is a classic to fans of unsolved crimes and mysteries. The unknown man who went by D.B. Cooper on his ticket jumped from the airplane with only a parachute and a bag full of cash when the plane was flying over to Mexico City.

He wasn't found after that.

In the trailer, Loki, seen in similar attire as the sketches of D.B. Cooper including the black sunglasses, also jumped off the back of the plane with a bag all before being zapped up into the sky which looked like the Bifrost rays.

Did Heimdall bring him back to Asgard?

3. 'Vote Loki'

This one's an honest nod to the four-issue 2016 miniseries "Vote Loki." Loki staged an attack on the candidates running for United States president before manipulating the press and the public and running for president himself, ComicBook explained.

We get to see Loki in the trailers sporting his campaign suit, even rocking the Vote Loki button pin.

If that comic book version of Loki made an appearance, and this series is all about the chaos of space and time, who knows what other versions of Loki will be making an appearance?

4. Miss Minutes

Miss Minutes is the TVA's talking clock mascot. Don't let her cute appearance and jolly tone fool you. Time waits for no one and neither does Miss Minutes. For a 2D character, it seems nothing is two-dimensional about her.

Marvel 'Loki' on Disney Plus

"Loki" the series will be six episodes in total and will be streamed exclusively on Disney Plus.

The first episode will be available on June 9, midnight PT/3.a. ET/8 a.m. GMT, according to Cnet. The other five episodes to follow will then be available every Wednesday after.

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