Iron Man Suit Design Change: Tony Stark Gets Gundam-Like Armor in New Action Figure!

Iron Man Suit Design Change: Tony Stark Gets Gundam-Like Armor in New Action Figure!
Iron Man is getting some new upgrades, and so are the rest of the Avengers. See the new Iron Man suit design and figure out why are the rest of the Avengers getting ARC-reactor suits, too. Photo : Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images

SH Figuarts, the high-quality collectible action figure line by the Japanese toymaker Bandai, has just revealed their new set of Marvel superhero action figures. This time, the Avengers are super teched-out!

According to ScreenRant, the announcement of the new line of Marvel action figures called "TECH-ON Avengers" lines up with the upcoming "Avengers: Tech-On Avengers" comic miniseries by Jim Zub and Jeff Cruz.

The figures and miniseries' foundation lies in having each hero in the collection receive tech upgrades from Tony Stark. Now, they all have their own custom ARC Reactor-based suits.

In the miniseries, these new and upgraded suits for his fellow Avengers aren't just pet projects but were born out of necessity. Red Skull has stripped them all of their powers, leaving the world defenseless. Stark took it upon himself to make everyone super again, in his own genius and techy way.

Now, it wouldn't be very "Tony" of him if he didn't deck himself out with new gear first, which is why it was quite fitting for SH Figuarts to reveal Iron Man first in the lineup.

SH Figuarts Iron Man Suit Design Chance: Gundam-Like?

Iron Man is still pretty recognizable with his red and gold metal suit. The redesign features a more sleek and stylized armor, reminiscent of the Ultimate Iron Man design found in the comics but definitely more Gundam-esque, ScreenRant pointws out.

You can notice the heavy Japanese mecha aesthetic, with Iron Man's rocket wings in his DH-10 mode that has a similar vibe to the Gundam 00 Quan[T] shield.

The Tamashii Nations website also hosted some really amazing shots of Iron Man with his rockets and his new weapons. The armor itself is quite intricate and the redesign of the plating is quite fresh and looks very substantial even in photographs.

The DH-10 mode, as Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski explained, are the special accessories that comes with the action figure. They are also integral parts to the comics' storyline, he said in his YouTube video with Bandai.

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'TECH-ON Avengers'

Captain America's figure recently joined Iron Man in a recent teaser, and more will soon follow.

A sneak peek of Captain America's suit looks very sleek as well, his patriotic blue and red won't make you question whose suit it is. No other photos have been released showing off his DH-10 super mode, so we just have to wait for SH Figuarts to release those.

Basing it off of the silhouette of the next figure they will be revealing, it looks like Wolverine will be the next action figure to be introduced.

Other heroes in the comics with "Tech-On" features include Spider-Man, Black Panther and Captain Marvel. The villains Red Skull, Loki, and Venom will also be included in the SH Figuarts line-up.

S.H. Figuarts Release Date

Since these were just revealed, not much else has been said about the release of the new "TECH-ON Avengers" line. C.B. Cebulski mentioned, however, that these will be out later this year.

The comic book miniseries is scheduled to be released in August, according to Mephitsu, and it could be possible that the action figures will be released around the same time.

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