Google Astrophotography Mode for Android 11: How to Get Exclusive Camera Upgrade in Your Pixel

Google Astrophotography Mode for Android 11: How to Get Exclusive Camera Upgrade in Your Pixel
The Google Astrophotography mde is now rolling out on Pixel phones, allowing you to take breathtaking photos of the heavenly bodies on time lapse. Photo : Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Google Pixel owners can now awaken their inner astronomer with the latest update in Google camera.

Though it may be available exclusively to Google Pixel, the latest Android 11 update has given finally rolled out one of its anticipated features: a cool capability for time-lapse astrophotography, a feature which Google code-named "Kepler." Yes, you read that right. Capturing images of those beautiful heavenly bodies you could only witness in awe is now possible with your phone.

Google Astrophotography Mode

Google Camera 8.2.400 is now available on Google Play via the June 7 security patch, and once you install it on a Pixel 4 on Android 11, you will see an added astrophotography feature. Going to Google Camera's Settings>Advanced, you will be able to find the new "enable time lapse for astrophotography" option. When you find it, toggle with the description "export photo and time lapse. Uses more storage space."

You will also see a new line in the Night Sight mode settings, but ypu have "wait at least 2.5 minutes to capture a time lapse in addition to a phot" (via XDA-Developers).

It gives credence to the intrinsic features of Pixel phones with the Google Camera that can take a photo with an exposure of up to four minutes, allowing you to take astonishing photos of the stars in the sky with a time lapse at that, Uber Gizmo noted in a post.

This means users will be able to define a time period for the app to automatically capture photos every couple of minutes, 9to5Google highlighted. The camera would then produce a photo that shows the movement of clouds in a starry sky, or maybe capturing those meteor showers when such an event happens. Of course, you might need a tripod or anything stable to have it produce its most awesome effect.

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Google Camera Features Unavailable Prior to Pixel Feature Drop

Other announced features, however, were unavailable even after installing or sideloading the update. Google will make these features fully available on a standalone basis in the next Pixel Feature Drop in the next two weeks, XDA posted.

A feature promised in Google Camera called the "Locked Folder' is apparently not available yet, 9to5Google added. There should be a toggle that appears on the top-right corner of the camera viewfinder, which wuld allow users to select where to save the content that is not yet live--be it the phone's photo gallery or Google Photos. But since the update to the Google Photos app is not available yet, the Locked Photos feature can't be activated on Google Camera.

However, it seems this Locked Photos feature codenamed "Mars" could be enabled soon, as XDA discovered a code added to the latest Google Camera and Google Photos versions.

Google Astrophotography Mode Update Download

Google Camera's latest update might be rolling out on the Play Store, but it's not yet widely available. Google said it might take the next two weeks for it to become fully available, and you may need Google to officially announce its availability or push to your Pixel phone since it is blocking sideloading updates to the app.

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