'Minecraft' Spyglass Recipe Guide: Where to Find Amethyst Geodes, How to Craft Spyglass

'Minecraft' Gaming Guide: Where to Find Amethyst Geodes and How to Craft Spyglass
The "Minecraft" Spyglass recipe requires you to have Amethyst shards. Here's how you can mine for the material! Photo : Joe Raedle/Getty Images

A beautiful mining resource has been added to the "Minecraft" universe: Amethysts!

You need to search for Amethyst Geodes to mine some Amethyst shards, blocks, budding blocks and clusters. You could can use these Amethyst shards to create your Spyglass!

Amethyst Geodes are easy to find if you know where to look for them. Finding one should give you a lot of resources in one mining.

Where to Find Amethyst Geodes in 'Minecraft'

PC GamesN reported that Amethyst Geodes are often generated under the sea in the main overworld. However, you can also find a few underground at level 70 or lower. Gamepur leaked one exact location for Amethyst Geode on Y = 70 and the bedrock layer.

When mining an Amethyst Geode, you will encounter an outer layer of smooth basalt, a middle layer of calcite, and a hollow layer of Amethyst block. Note that you probably missed the Amethyst Geode if you do not find the basalt outer layer.

It is also important to use an Iron Pickaxe or higher when mining Amethyst. You could also increase the number of shards you can farm by enchanting your pickaxe with Fortune I, II, or III.

There are many different resources you can get from the Amethyst category. Four Amethyst shards will create one Amethyst block. Another interesting resource is the Amethyst Budding Blocks. You can distinguish between a regular Amethyst Block from a Budding Block based on the dark center line in the middle of the budding block.

Unfortunately, you cannot pick up or move the Amethyst Budding Block. Instead, you will leave it alone so it can generate your Amethyst Clusters. Amethyst Clusters are naturally generated from any four corners of one Amethyst Budding Block. The Amethyst Budding Block indefinitely grows more Amethysts in-game.

Lastly, you can farm four types of Amethyst resources. These resources are categorized according to size. These are Small Amethyst Bud, Medium Amethyst Bud, Large Amethyst Bud, and Amethyst Cluster. Amethyst has two exciting features to highlight: its shards would grow and it is a re-farmable material, similar to crops.

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Spyglass Recipe Guide: How to Craft

A new item introduced to "Minecraft" is Spyglass. This is essentially an in-game telescope, which you can zoom on a fixed location from a distance. Note that the camera zoom movement is a lot slower when looking through the Spyglass.

To craft your Spyglass, you need Copper Ingot (x2) and Amethyst Shard (x1). Copper Ingots are easy to collect, as you just need to find a few Copper Ores and throw them in a furnace to smelt them. Amethyst shards are mined after breaking an Amethyst block or Amethyst Shard.

To craft the Spyglass, AOTF instructed to head to the crafting table and open the 3x3 Grid Box. Put the three materials in a vertical line with the Amethyst Shard on the top and two Copper Ingots at the bottom. Congratulations, you should have your own Spyglass.

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