'Minecraft' Beidou Pirate Ship Guide: How to Build The Crux From 'Genshin Impact'

'Minecraft' Beidou Pirate Ship Guide: How to Build The Crux From 'Genshin Impact'
"Genshin Impact" crossed over to the world of "Minecraft" as a dedicated fan built Beidou pirate ship called The Crux--albeit a pixelated version. Photo : Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

"Genshin Impact" crossed over to the world of "Minecraft" as a dedicated fan built The Crux--albeit a pixelated version. The blueprint for Beidou's ship is available for download in GIF and Schematic format. Build your own "Genshin Impact" ship by following these steps.

The Crux, an armed ship based on the Liyue Harbor, is an iconic symbol paired with the four-star character and captain Beidou. The overall thematic of the boat resembles Chinese designs with a long body and folded sails. The ship also uses a traditional paddling system to set sail.

If you want to join the hype for the summer event where "Genshin Impact" sails to a new island, you can do so in "Minecraft" by building your own Beidou pirate ship!

'Minecraft' Beidou Pirate Ship Guide

The fantastic player who shared their hard work posted the blueprints for Beidou's Pirate Ship on Reddit. Cardinaranth posted a disclaimer that the ship might not turn out 100 percent accurate. However, it still looks impressive in the game. Note that the ship design is only available for the exterior. You can modify and create the interior yourself after you follow the blueprint.

The blueprint design for Beidou's Pirate Ship is available on schematic file for Minecraft on this link. If you prefer using an image blueprint instead, the album link for the photos is also available. At the bottom of the gallery, a GIF version of the blueprint could be seen to give you an idea of how the ship would progress to.

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'Minecraft' Gameplay

"Minecraft" remains one of the best survival sandbox games that you could play today. These boxes and pixels rely on your creative nature to create just about anything in-game. Screenrant reported that other creative players have already built multiple crossovers in the "Minecraft" universe.

Some crossovers include the adaptation of "League of Legends" characters. Dr. Mundo is now available in "Minecraft," featuring a playable character with abilities to hurl deadly cleavers and set himself on fire. Future contents might include others from the 140-plus champion roaster in "League of Legends."

Another "Minecraft" crossover included the popular anime "Kimetsu no Yaiba." Players get to download a mod with "Demon Slayer" content, including playable characters such as Tanjiro, Rengoku and Akaza. Clothes and weapons are also included in the mod.

Earlier this month, "Minecraft" also released the official "How to Train Your Dragon" DLC. The update lets you tame and even fly on your own dragons! Details on how to get the DLC is available in this guide.

"Minecraft" opens up a lot of potential for gamers who want to build from their imagination. Beidou's pirate ship could mark the start for a big "Genshin Impact" crossover. However, even without that update, The Crux is an exciting symbol to build at your own pace.

Log in on "Minecraft" now and create your own "Genshin Impact" ship today!

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