Is it Time to Upgrade Your iPhone?

Is it Time to Upgrade Your iPhone?
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Consumer technology these days can be incredible, and for fans of electronic devices, every update promises to bring innovation and surprises. The iPhone is no different, and followers and fans of Apple eagerly await new iPads and iPhones.

Apple has always been innovators bringing the iMac, the iPod, and of course, one of the first commercial touch screen phones. The iPhone was the first touchscreen phone to bring real functionality and the ability to fully access the internet. It revolutionized the smartphone industry and sold millions.

By 2018, more than 217 million iPhones had been sold and since the start many different versions have been released, along with more sophisticated operating systems.

However, they come with a price. When you want to upgrade your iPhone, you will need to finance it somehow. This is the curse of tech fans, keeping up to date can cost a lot of money these days. Is it worth it, and what is the best way to upgrade?

Are Apple iPhones still worth updating?

When it comes to electronic devices, there have always been rivalries. Back in the days of home computers, ZX Spectrum fans vs Commodore was normal. Later, Commodore again was pitted against Atari with their ST 500. Smartphones are no different.

There are legions of Android fans who would never consider an Apple, and vice versa. However, the simple truth is that Apple releases quality products consistently and they do innovate and listen to their consumers.

The iPhone 13 isn't due until September 2021, but it is already rumored to bring something Apple users have been crying out for, The iPhone 13 will apparently have a much longer-lasting battery life, which sounds like a great reason to upgrade. Until then, the iPhone 12 is the newest version available.

The Apple iPhone 12 with iOS 14 is giving its users the biggest update for a long time. A real, genuine, proper update that brings widgets for the first time along with an app library, a more sophisticated messaging system, and a ton of other features. It seems that iPhone fans may have the best system they have ever had. But, how to afford a new phone?

How to upgrade your iPhone?

The best way you can upgrade will entirely depend on your circumstances but fortunately, there are quite a few options to help you get a new phone.

You can ask your contract holder if you can get a new device. Most contracts mean that you will have paid off and own your old iPhone by the end of the designated period and therefore are free to get a new phone and start again.

This will work if you have a contract that allows this, but many don't. Some countries don't even have readily available contract phones but rely on pay-as-you-go. This may seem alien to some western countries, but it is very common in Southeast Asia.

Regardless, wherever you come from, if you don't have a contract then you will need to find another way to upgrade and find the finances necessary. Also, if you do have a contract, what to do with that old iPhone that is now doing nothing?

If you are an iPhone contract holder

So, if you have a contract for your iPhone you will likely get a free upgrade at the end of your contract, but what will you do with your old phone? You may not realize this but mobile phones represent a health hazard to the environment but they can also be worth cash to you.

You could give your phone away to a friend or relative, or you could two other things, either sell it or recycle it. If your phone is not worth anything or is very old then consider recycling it instead of throwing it away.

Every year, up to 50 million tons of electronic waste is disposed of around the world and most of this ends up in landfills poisoning the planet. Smartphones and other electronic devices only account for about 2% of American landfill waste each year, but they also result in 70% of everything toxic that ends up there. Most of those devices are smartphones.

If you are not under contract

If you are one of the many people who bought their phone outright or purchased a second-hand iPhone then you will have no contract to upgrade from. This may not be as bad as it sounds. You will be free to choose your own retailer.

If you have an iPhone and want to upgrade then you will want to raise some funds to help you.

There are many choices, some more suitable than others:

Apple Trade-In

Amazon Trade-In and eBay Instant Sale

eBay auctions

Private classified listings



Buyback Boss and other trade-in services

All of these are valid options but depending on your circumstances and location, not all will suit everyone.

When you want to stick with your brand

The best option for dedicated Apple fans might be to use the Apple Trade-In service. You can walk into an Apple store and do this or you can sell it online. After sending in your iPhone for free you will have to wait 2 or 3 weeks for it to be processed and then you will receive payment. You will receive your payment then and you can get it as a discount on a new iPhone or as a gift card.

If your phone needs to be recycled then Apple will do this for free too.

When you want the best price

Regardless of your loyalty to Apple, you probably want the best price you can get, and being stuck with Apple-only gift cards may not be the cheapest way to upgrade.

When you are thinking of selling your iPhone you might want to check out Buyback Boss or other online trade-in companies. Buyback Boss promises on its website to provide the best price with a guarantee to back it up.

These types of sites can safely recycle your old iPhones and other electronic devices too, so they are worth remembering.

When you want the quickest payment

Due to processing times, it is difficult to fully guarantee the quickest way to make money on your phone online. eBay and Amazon both offer instant payments on phones but they may not be as quick as a trade-in service.

The fastest offline services, guaranteed, are EcoATM and pawn shops. Both of these will give you instant payment on your iPhone as soon as they have assessed it. This means in minutes as long as you are not in a long queue.

The best for choosing what to do with your money

Amazon will provide you with credit for Amazon, and eBay will do the same with a voucher. When you want to choose how you spend your money then you have to sell independently. This means trade-in companies online, classifieds, EcoATM, and pawn shops.


Sometimes you get lucky and get a free Verizon iPhone 5G upgrade but other times you will need to buy it yourself. This means finding some ready cash and forking out.

Trade-in services can help but it depends on your personal needs which one you choose. Apple will lead you through the process to purchase a new phone from them. Amazon and eBay will give you credit to spend on their platforms, but an independent buyback service will give you cash to choose your own iPhone reseller.

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