Toyota Land Cruiser J300 Suspension System, Power Engine Finally Revealed! When Will it Be Available in the US?

Toyota Land Cruiser J300 Suspension System, Power Engine Finally Revealed! When Will it Be Available in the US?
The 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser J300 has been unveiled, and it features new technology such as an electronic suspension system and powerful twin-turbocharged V6 engines. Photo : Mark Renders/Getty Images

Toyota's popular line of classic, flagship SUVs has become lighter yet more powerful to further boost its contention among its off-road rivals.

The famed Japanese automaker unveiled the Toyota Land Cruiser J300 Series with an online launch Wednesday, boasting impressive new technology on top of superb on- and off-road performance the SUV is known for.

This is the first new Land Cruiser in over 14 years, and it has been a best seller with 10.4 million sold in over 170 countries, Gear Patrol noted in a report.

The Land Cruiser J300 shows the same winning formula, as it carries the acclaimed lineage of the line by offering robust and resilient drives, detailed. It has, however, introduced some major improvements.

Toyota Land Cruiser J300 Power Engine

This new 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser will have new twin-turbocharged V6 engines, replacing the V8 in predecessor models, Road Show revealed. This will come with new 10-speed automatic transmission, with the gas version having a 3.5 liter engine unleashing 409 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque. Toyota will also release a diesel version in select markets using a 3.3-liter engine with 304 hp and 516 lb-ft.

The new Toyota Land Cruiser J300 has also indeed dropped some weight. With its new TNGA-F platform, it will be around 440 pounds lighter than its predecessor. This weight loss and improved 10-speed transmission should enhance efficiency by around 10 percent, Toyota announced.

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Its size and dimensions, such as the wheelbase, length and width, would be the same as the previous model.

Toyota Land Cruiser J300 Suspension, Other Innovations

As mentioned, the J300 Land Cruiser will carry exceptional new technology, such as the Safety Sense System, the Electronic Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (E-KDSS), and better off-roading tech, Gear Patrol added. Underneath its sheetmetal its new GA-F platform based on Toyota New Global Architecture, which is seen in the company's modern unibody vehicles.

The E-KDSS allows the disconnection of the stabilizer bars for maximum independent off-road wheel movement, then reconnect them again when on-road, Road Show also detailed. The J300 Land Cruiser now uses the new Multi-Terrain select system, which adjusts performance and system settings automatically, depending on the road surface.

The SUV also features a Multi-Terrain Monitor, which is a camera that assists in accurate wheel placement on trails while avoiding obstructions.

Will the Toyota SUV Hit US Roads?

However, this big question remains: Will the Toyota Land Cruiser J300 be available in the U.S.? Toyota gave no clear details on a U.S. rollout, except that it will be available "all over the world" beginning this summer. Toyota North America gave no announcement, and did not make any reference to the 2022 Land Cruiser global launch.

Toyota had indicated previously that no 2022 Land Cruiser would hit U.S. roads soon, but it did not leave any final word on it as fans were told to stay tuned for further announcements. This SUV could be marketed in the U.S. as a different vehicle, maybe a Lexus or a Tundra.

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