Is Your iPhone Battery Draining Too Fast? Uninstall This App to Save Your Apple Device!

Is Your iPhone Battery Draining Too Fast? Uninstall This App to Save Your Battery Life!
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Is your iPhone batter draining too fast? Well, you are not alone.

While most pin the blame on the prevalence of malware on your device, as well as some features on the iOS 14.6 update, there are other reasons why that iPhone battery's life is being sucked dry rather quickly.

This includes the use of apps on your iPhone, particularly those that are power-intensive.

While experts identify various apps that led to immense battery loss based on their personal experiences, one app stands out: the streaming app Netflix. quoted several tech experts who would all give the thumbs down to the streaming site if saving precious battery resources is considered.

iPhone Battery Draining Too Fast? Netflix Could Be the Culprit!

Netflix "drains the phone's battery," says CocoFinder co-founder Harriet Chan because the app "uses speakers for sound, utilizes screen time for display, and the Internet at the same time."

In addition, the app "runs in the background and sends push notifications...about what is new."

A report on Popular Mechanics cited the company Mobile Enerlytics, which develops battery diagnostic tools for app makers. It mentioned that Netflix could drain 20 percent of your phone's charge overnight when running in the background.

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The tendency for binge-watching on Netflix is the key driver for this huge battery drain, given that a session "doesn't end after 20 minutes," said Edwin, another tech expert quoted in the report. Users would even check on multiple episodes of various multiple-episode series and movies on the streaming app.

Naturally the more time the app is used, the more it drains your battery. Apart from Netflix features that demand so much from your battery, your usage habits become a key reason why that battery has lost power so fast.

Add to that the user's choice of streaming quality--like the content's resolution--and he device's processor would need extra power to decode it, apart from using higher bandwidth which consumes device resources and battery power.

Experts' Best Recommendation: Delete Netflix App

These experts' best recommendation to save your iPhone battery is to delete the Netflix app, added. But of course, for fans who have gotten used to Netflix, this might not be an option. As such, users should take other steps in assuring the potential damage is mitigated.

Chan recommended limited screen time by watching less Netflix on your phone, and instead use a PC or Smart TV to watch your favorite show. Reducing the screen brightness would also help, as with denying the app background access if the device is not used.

Edwin agreed that lessening screen brightness would help since the mobile device screen takes up a considerable amount of battery, and lowering the brightness would keep the power drain lower. Reducing content quality is likewise helpful since decoding video content and receiving data through Wi-Fi and or the cellular network also takes a lot of battery power.

TechEngage named Netflix as among the apps users need to avoid this year due to its battery-hungry nature.

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