Marvel 'Loki' Series: Episode 1 Spoiler and Easter Eggs, Episode 2 Release Date on Disney Plus

Marvel 'Loki' Series: Episode 1 Spoiler and Easter Eggs, Episode 2 Release Date on Disney Plus
The Marvel "Loki" series has officially debuted on Disney Plus, and it looks like Thor's little brother has found himself in a bit of trouble. Here's the recap and Easter eggs from Episode 1, as well as a preview for Episode 2. Photo : John Phillips/Getty Images for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures UK

The Marvel "Loki" series has officially debuted on Disney Plus, and it looks like Thor's little brother has found himself in a bit of trouble.

'Loki' Episode 1 Spoilers: 'Glorious Purpose'

The story follows Loki (Tom Hiddleston) after he steals the Tesseract back in 2012.

This is the timeline Iron Man, Captain America, and the Ant Man went back to in "Avengers: Endgame" which got botched after Hulk busted through the lobby from the emergency exit staircase, making the briefcase holding the Teserract fling across the lobby and land on Loki's feet.

Now a fair warning, the rest of the article will contain spoilers. You can just head over to Disney Plus and watch the episode yourself, as it has been out since Wednesday.

But if you're still here, let's go right ahead and talk about the first episode.

Loki's Escape

Anyone who has seen "Endgame" has asked the question: "Where'd Loki go?"

Well, he found himself in the Mongloan part of the Gobi Desert, and the Time Variance Authority or TVA agents nabbed him.

Also, the Infinity Stones aren't all that and are actually very effective paper weights. Who knew?

The Other Variant

Introduced to us in the trailer, the TVA is like the timeline police, and Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) is Loki's "handler." In the episode, Loki accepted he can't weasel his way out of the TVA.

But here's the kicker: our 2012 Loki isn't the only Loki variant going around creating timeline chaos, no!

There's another one, and this one is killing teams of TVA agents in various eras and stealing their reset charges.

This means TVA employees can be killed, Cnet noted. You just have to be Loki-clever enough to counter their gadgets and deliver the blow.

The Multiverse of Madness

In the episode, Loki and the audience were talked through how the "Sacred Timeline" was made and how anyone who deviates from the predetermined parth creates a "Nexus Event" or a branch in the timeline that could pretty much go out of control.

That's where the TVA comes in to arrest the offenders to trurn the timeline to its original path.

It turns out, the Avengers jumping through space for "Endgame" was supposed to happen! But poor Loki, escaping wasn't.

The narrative of the Multiverse becoming more canonical in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is really opening up so many doors for how the next "Doctor Strange" and "Spider-Man" movies could possibly pan out.

MCU Loki

Mobius also revealed to our Loki what the "Sacred Timeline" has in store for him.

He found out he's responsible for his adpotive mother, Frigga's death. Mobius revealed Loki's final moments with his adoptive father, Odin. Loki also got to reconcile with his brother Thor. 

He saw the reconciliation, redemption, and ruination waiting for him in that "Sacred Timeline."

Clearly, he's not going to return to that just yet. We've got five more episodes to go! But wow, that must have given him a time-space-continuum whiplash.

'Loki' Easter Eggs

Here are some fun Easter Eggs Cnet pointed out that you might enjoy. The MCU really loves hiding them in plain sight.

  • We've got a Skrull variant reporting to the front desk. Looks like these alien shapeshifters are everywhere.
  • Loki smelled the cologne of the Tony Sarks. That's how he relalized the Avengers had probably time travelled back to 2012. Quite a sniffer on that one.
  • Mobius' spiffy look is taken from the late marvel Comics editor and community expert Mark Gruenwald, who has an excellent mustache. In fact, in the comics, the TVA agents are clones of Gruenwald.
  • Loki is the MCU's D.B. Cooper. The mystery of D.B. Cooper is a classic to fans of unsolved crimes and mysteries. The unknown man who went by D.B. Cooper on his ticket jumped from the airplane with only a parachute and a bag full of cash when the plane was flying over to Mexico City. He wasn't found after that. Now we know why! He lost a bet with Thor and had to be sent back to Asgard.
  • Loki doesn't know Agent Phil Coulson is alive. Pretty sure Mobius would bring him up to speed about that soon enough. With another Loki Variant running amock, surely, other Loki versions from the comics will be making a guest appearance, right?

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'Loki' Episode 2 Release Schedule

The next episode of Marvel's "Loki" series will be released on June 16, Wednesday, midnight PT/3.a. ET/8 a.m. GMT, according to Tech Radar. The other four episodes to follow will then be available every Wednesday after.

Episode 2: June 16

Episode 3: June 23

Episode 4: June 30

Episode 5: July 7

Episode 6: July 14

The "Loki" series is six episodes in total and will be streamed exclusively on Disney Plus.

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