Samsung Battery Draining Fast? 5 Ways to Extend Battery Life and Avoid Replacement

Having battery issues with your Samsung or other Android phones is always a hassle.

Smartphones today aren't just for texting and calling anymore. You can run a business on your mobile! You navigate trips, watch movies, listen to music, play games, all on your phone.

With all its uses, having a healthy battery life for your phone is important. Not to mention, having a fast-draining battery will cost you money and time to replace.

But don't worry, you can still do a few things to help preserve your Samsung battery life to avoid needing to get a replacement.

Samsung Battery Draining Fast? 5 Ways to Stop It!

5. Turn off push notifications

Push notifications can actually zap your battery by always turning your display on even when it's supposed to be on rest mode, Asurion said.

To turn off push notifications, go to Settings > Notifications. Go ahead and toggle off the push notifications from the apps that you don't really need updates from.

4. Limit Location Services

Having your location on is great when using it for GPS--for getting an Uber or Lyft or even ordering food delivery. But using location services, especially when it is allowed to run in the background, can lead to quicker battery drain.

To adjust your Location Services settings, go to Settings > Biometrics and Security. From there, go to Location and you can either turn it off completely or head over to App Permissions to pick which apps you want to restrict from using your location and running in the background.

3. Turn off Background App Refresh

On the topic of running features in the background, it is also helpful to turn off Background App Refresh as this also drains battery life. Having Background App Refresh running can also drain your phone's data.

Background App Refresh allows apps that run in the background to continuously get data to refresh and update the app until you next open it.

To turn off Background App Refresh, go to Settings > Connections > Data Usage. From here, select an app and toggle on or off the "Allow background data usage" function.

2. Adjust screen brightness and screen timeout duration

Asurion said lowering your screen's brightness even by a little can pay off with big battery savings.

You can turn on Auto Brightness so the phone can automatically adjust the brightness to the surroundings. Simply go to Settings > Display and turn on "Adaptive Brightness" or "Auto Brightness."

You can also manually adjust the brightness to the lowest you're comfortable with. You can do that by heading to the Display settings as well, or by swiping to your control bar and adjust the slider there.

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Your phone's screen timeout can also help you save some more battery life, especially if you have a habit of leaving your phone on for long periods of time even when you're not using it.

Go to Settings > Display and scroll down to Screen timeout and select the time duration.

Asurion noted that setting your phone to timeout after 20 seconds of you not using it versus two minutes can help cut down power usage.

1. Battery Saving Mode

Your Samsung phone also has a built-in program to help you save battery life. Simply go to Settings > Device Care > Battery. From there, you can choose by how much you want to extend your battery life: Mid or Max, or if you want to turn it off.

Bonus for Android OS Version 11: Optimize your apps

By optimizing your apps, you can help your battery save a bit of its juice. To turn on the setting, go to Settings > Battery and Device Care and tap Optimize now.

Samsung also suggests adjusting app power management so you can decide just how much battery your apps are using.

Go to Settings > Battery and device care > Battery > Background usage limits, or on other devices, it's App power management.

From there, adjust to your desired settings by either putting unused apps to sleep if they've not been used for a while. Sleepings apps won't run in the background, deep sleeping apps will never run in the background and will only work when you open them, and never sleeping apps are apps that you choose to not include when sleeping mode automatically activates.

Before Getting a Samsung Battery Replacement

Before you go ahead and rule in that your battery is truly the problem, go ahead and check if what you're experiencing is unusual behavior, Samsung said. This could be an irregular battery drain or excessive heating. If this is the case, send in an error report in the Samsung Members app.

If the battery is not charging or the problem is with the charging, it would be best to hand it over to an expert so as not to cause any further damage to your phone.

Always back up the data on your device so as not to lose any precious photos or important data should anything happen to your phone.

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