Reddit Leak Hints Huge Amazon PS5 Restock: Employee Claims '1000s' in Stock [RUMOR]

Reddit Leak Hints Huge Amazon PS5 Restock: Employee Claims '1000s' in Stock [RUMOR]
An Amazon PS5 restock could come sooner than you think. A Reddit user claims warehouses are gearing up for another restock event but how plausible is the rumor? Photo : Kerde Severin/Unsplash

The Amazon Prime Day PS5 restock sold out in mere minutes, leaving quite a few disappointed customers who couldn't get their hands on a unit. But instead of waiting a few more weeks for the in-demand gaming console, it looks like another PlayStation 5 restock could be coming sooner than everyone expected.

Amazon PS5 Restock Reddit Leak

In the PS5 restock subreddit, Reddit user Sure-Estate-8094 (now deleted) claims to be an Amazon employee and shares that Amazon might be gearing up for another restock soon, Tom's Guide says.

In the post, the user notes that their warehouse has at least 50 units at the ready. Other Amazon warehouses could very possibly have more units. "No telling how many Amazon actually has but I know that they aren't showing their true numbers," the user writes.

The user also provided an image as proof that they have access to the inside of the Amazon warehouse. In the background, a palette containing PS5 boxes along with other several large boxes could be seen.

 Although the photo could be compelling proof of an Amazon restock coming very soon, one Reddit user commented that the consoles could actually be sold units ready to be shipped off.

Other Reddit users also chimed in to remark on how small 50 units of PS5s actually is for a restock. To quite a number of users, Amazon should be having at least tens of thousands of units at the ready instead of a few boxes in each warehouse.

It then seems more believable that those units in the palettes are actually already sold and waiting to be delivered.

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How to Prepare for the Next Amazon Restock

The last PS5 restock Amazon had was at the end of its Prime Day sale and Newsweek suggests looking elsewhere for PS5s because it does seem too early for the retailer to host another restock so soon.

Amazon is also known to never give advanced warning before restocking on the PS5 or the Xbox Series X, Tom's Guide adds. However, a lot of communities on the internet are always vigilant and on the lookout for these restocks.

The r/PS5restock community is a great place to check as there are always people on the lookout and posting about the news of restocks, updates on surprising drops, as well as tips on how to get the best ways to deal with scalpers and third-party retailers. In fact, user RhaniDg was able to recently update the community on Amazon Spain's PS5 restock.

Twitter also has a community of users that give updates in real-time. Users like PS5StockNews and PSStockAlerts tweet links to North American and UK retailers' restocks. Matt Swider, US Editor-in-chief for Tech Radar, is also well-known in the Twitter PS5, Xbox, and GPU restock tracking community.

If you really want to get your hands on a PS5, you don't have to wait on Amazon's next restock. You can also check Sony Direct as well as other retailers like Best Buy, Game Stop, and Walmart. Also, be wary of third-party retailers that inflate the prices of the consoles to near-absurd numbers.

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