[VIDEO] Boston Dynamics Robots Dance to the Tune of BTS Song

[WATCH] Boston Dynamics Robots Dance to the Tune of BTS Song
Boston Dynamics' robot dogs danced to the tune of the BTS song "IONIQ: I'm On It" to commemorate Hyundai's acquisition of the Massachusetts-based tech firm. Photo : Joan Cros/Getty Images

While a great many continue to jive to the beat of K-pop phenom BTS, there's a new lineup of "artists" gyrating to those breathtaking moves that made this sensational pop act grip the world.

Boston Dynamics Robot Dogs 'Choreographed' With 'Painstaking Positioning, Programming'

Introducing the seven quadruped "robot dogs" or "Spot" of Hyundai's Boston Dynamics, all dancing skillfully to the tune of the BTS song "IONIQ: I'm On It," the band's ode to Hyundai's electric vehicle sub-brand. Their moves show their amazing agility, coordination, and grace in their dance performance that was "choreographed" with "painstaking positioning and programming" instead of their ingrained obstacle avoidance capabilities, Digital Trends noted in a report.

This special performance marked the recent completion of Korean automaker Hyundai's acquisition of the Massachusetts-based tech firm from the Japanese conglomerate Softbank.

Here's the video, which many ARMYs or BTS fans, would find acceptable at the very least.

Hyundai then actually brought in the BTS members, who are the vehicle manufacturer's brand ambassadors, to dance with the robot dog in another special video, Engadget reported.

This is not the first time the Spot robots grooved to a pop tune. They also danced to Mark Ronson's hit "Uptown Funk" in 2018, and recently to The Contours' "Do You Love Me" in a yearend routine with other Boston Dynamics robots in 2020.

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On the Boston Dynamics website, roboticist Eric Whitman mentioned "challenges" in executing the "vision of the choreographer, who is used to dealing with human dancers into the software." The dance routine was done in advance and precisely scripted, Whitman added. He said robots have the "advantage" over humans because they are "repeatable." "Once you get it right, it stays right," Whitman said.

The drawback, however, is that every little detail needs to be inputted, and that they do not have any room for improvisation.

Boston Dynamics Robot Dogs Deployed in Auto, Oil Industries

In addition to these remarkable dance performances by its robots, Boston Dynamics is offering its quadruped robots as all-around work assistants capable of completing multiple tasks in various industries, Digital Trends added. Priced at $75,000 each, these semi-autonomous quadruped robots' skills and agility could be applied for several tasks and roles in the organization. Clients have been turning up, with the Ford Motor Company acquiring and deploying two quadruped robots at its Dyke Transmission Plant in Dearborn, Michigan.

Various payloads can be attached to these "robot dogs," and Ford used five onboard cameras, laser technology, and bespoke software to assist the quadrupeds complete their tasks, primarily scanning the precise layout of the plant.

Norwegian oil firm Aker BP utilizes the quadruped robots for inspections and data gathering, among other tasks, Digital Trends further reported.

Hyundai first announced its acquisition of Boston Dynamics from Softbank in late 2020--the deal was completed in June--with a product roadmap directed at developing state-of-the-art robotics, offering superior vision capabilities, advanced mobility, and flexible manipulation.

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