'Grand Theft Auto 6' Map Screenshots Leaked, But 'GTA 5' Maps Removed As Allegedly Part of 'GTA 6' Development [RUMOR]

Grand Theft Auto 6 Map Screenshots Leaked, But GTA 5 Maps Removed As Allegedly Part of GTA 6 Development [RUMOR]
A leaked purported map of Grand Theft Auto VI drew mixed reactions from fans about its authenticity as popular GTA mods had been removed to supposedly prepare for a return to Vice City. Photo : Leon Neal/AFP via Getty Images

Rumors abound on the eagerly anticipated "Grand Theft Auto VI" and recent talk hint at a 2025 release. But this makes fans seek more information about the next release, and would understandably speculate about all the aspects of the hit title until Rockstar Games makes any official disclosure.

'GTA VI' Leaked Map Shows Expansive Areas, Mix of Urban, Rural Locations

One leak that has spawned much interest is about a purported "GTA VI" map, ComicBook.com revealed. This leaked map, if accurate, would suggest that the next "Grand Theft Auto" version would be expansive and consists of multiple cities, with the inclusion of rural areas. Fans who saw this leaked map were divided over its authenticity.

A similar leak came a few months back, claiming to be a genuine map of the game, and been widely shared online. Many believed that the map leaked then was real, even up to the present. But it would turn out to be a fraud, if this new leak proves authentic, since the two maps are totally different from each other, ComicBook.com further posted.

Both leaks are from anonymous users, as with other leaks of the same kind. Looking at the two maps closely, however, one would notice that while the map from months ago had its issues in terms in genuineness, this new leak proves far less compelling to believe, at least on a surface level.

The leak had originated from GTA Forums, according to a Reddit user quoted by ComicBook.com, before it was taken down. And, while the first leak merely showed still images of the map, this new leak is in video format, which had garnered mixed reactions on its validity.

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GameRant stated that a general consensus of fans agreed that the new leak appears to be a probable fake with some commenting that the "antique" heads-up display (HUD) showing lack of effort in the alleged map.

'GTA VI' Vice City Rumors Spread as GTA V Mods Removed

Other rumors about "GTA VI" continue to mount as Rockstar Games continue to remain tightlipped on any development work on the new title. One such rumor is about the game's return to Vice City, which has since been a hot topic among fans.

According to Dexerto.com, one development supporting this claim is the reported removal of two popular gaming "GTA V" mods for Vice City and San Andreas from the online catalogue. A gaming insider, Tez2, quoted a friend telling him that both mods had been taken down from GTA5-mods.com after several years. Tez2 tweeted, "...so weird moves to happen now."

Fans have speculated that the removals are part of a larger move, pointing to that possible move to Vice City for "GTA VI" as a potential direction.

Apart from "GTA VI," Dexerto said, other fans think that the purported Vice City and San Andreas mod removals might lead to remakes of those favorite entries. With "GTA VI" still four years away, some fans hope that a void would be filled with a Vice City or San Andreas remake. Rockstar developers are said to be gearing up for a "GTA Online" Summer Update, Dexerto.com further said.

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