'Call of Duty Warzone' Ban Wave Hits 50000 Accounts in 1 Week: 10 Reasons Why You Got Banned

'Call of Duty Warzone' Ban Wave Hits 50000 Accounts in 1 Week: 10 Reasons That Get You Banned
n just the past week, Raven Software has banned more than 50,000 player accounts in "Call of Duty: Warzone" for cheating. Photo : Fábio Silva / Unsplash

In just the past week, Raven Software has banned more than 50,000 player accounts in "Call of Duty: Warzone" for cheating. This marked the second major wave ban for the week. The developers also explained the reasons and anti-cheat policies these offenders have committed.

The long-overdue clean-up for "Call of Duty: Warzone" finally happened, as players of "Call of Duty: Warzone" have waited for nearly a year to finally reach this stage.

'Call of Duty: Warzone' Cheaters and Hackers

"Call of Duty: Warzone" is an internationally popular free-to-play battle royal video game. Many gamers enjoy this platform because of its unique playstyle, fast-paced battles, and realistic graphics designs. Unfortunately, since its official launch in 2020, the game has been repeatedly hit with problems of cheaters and hackers.

In the months that followed, reports of illegal boosts, modding, aimbots and online harassment have been submitted to Activision Support page. 

According to Kotaku, cheating problems continue to grow worse, to the point where some popular Twitch streamers got their accounts hacked in the middle of their game! Crossplay cheaters have also started invading console gamers in the middle of their matches. Worse is that these hackers and cheaters continue to create better and harder-to-detect software for their malicious intent.

For these reasons, many "COD: Warzone" gamers anticipated the developers and moderators involvment.

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'Call of Duty Warzone' Hits 50000 Accounts in 1 Week

Unfortunately, the banning comes with its own set of problems. According to YouTuber Eports Talk, some players are also getting banned unfairly. His video showed a Pro player getting banned mid-event as a consequence to a hacker previously cheating on his account. Activision is reportedly looking into these special cases, and developers retract their ban when the player is proven innocent.

10 Reasons Why You Got Banned  

Taken from Activision Support official webpage, here are some reasons that could get an account banned

  • Unauthorized Software Tampering: Using third-party software to modify game data on disk or in memory deliberately.
  • Cheating/Modding/Hacking: Inclusive and not limited to aimbots, wallhacks, trainers, stat hacks, texture hacks, leaderboard hacks, and injectors.
  • Pirated Content: Using an illegal copy of the game.
  • Unsupported Peripheral Devices and Applications: Inclusive but not limited to modded controllers, IP flooders and lag switches.
  • In-Game Boosting: Colluding with other players or using third-party software to exploit the game to gain XP, prestige, game score, weapon level, or in-game unlocks.
  • Glitching or Exploiting Game Code.
  • Griefing: Unsportsmanlike behavior that stops other players from playing the game. This includes friendly fire.
  • Offensive Behavior: Use of aggressive, offensive, derogatory, or culturally charged language to cyber-bully or harass other players in-game.
  • Improperly Obtained Downloadable/Unlockable Content: Users with inventories containing content obtained outside normal gameplay.
  • Decompiling or Reverse Engineering Game Data: Inclusive but not limited to modify, decompile, disassemble, or recreate game code data.

These offenses would be judged based on their severity, where some might cause temporary suspension and others lead to permanent banning.

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