'Halo Infinite' Beta Sign Up: How to Join Flighting Program for First Multiplayer Beta

'Halo Infinite' Beta Sign Up: How to Join Flighting Program for First Multiplayer Beta
The first "Halo Infinite" Beta is rolling out next weekend and 343 Industries is just about ready to perform the first flight. Find out how you can join the flighting program and get in on the new game mode and various maps for their first technical preview. Photo : MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images

The first "Halo Infinite" Beta is coming really soon, and 343 Industries has some very interesting news about it. The completely free-to-play multiplayer mode is expected to launch later this year but needs to be tested out first before it's ready for the public.

Find out how you can join in on the beta program and what 343 Industries plans on incorporating in the initial flight.

"Halo Infinite" Beta: Initial Flight

On a new blog post on the official Halo website, 343 Industries revealed its plans with the first beta which they call "flight," Comic Book reported. In the blog post, they provided a closer look at the development of "Halo Infinite" so far and their efforts in supporting the upcoming multiplayer technical preview.

The first flight is set to come out this summer, and the main focus of this first flight technical preview will involve testing the gameplay against Bots. 343 Industries mentioned they have wanted to add this feature for quite some time. "Infinite" will be the first game that sees the addition of AI-controlled opponents, Comic Book noted. Additional weapon drills and various arena maps will also appear in this initial beta period.

The studio really wants to hone in on the game and services performance of "Infinite," particularly the stability the game will hold across various hardware specs and platforms, how all online services function at an immense scale, and how will Halo Insider communications systems and fighting tools as well as Waypoint vNext systems function at that scale.

Player feedback is crucial as the beta transpires, and in this first flight, 343 wants to know about the players' experience in the core gameplay, the design and flow of the maps and modes, how well the Academy's Weapon Drills prepared the players, and how intuitive the menu navigation and Battle Pass user interface is.

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'Halo Infinite' Beta Sign Up for Flighting Program

According to 343 Industries, to get a chance to participate in any "Halo Infinite" technical previews, having a verified "Halo" Insider account is a requirement. Simply register for "Halo" Insider using your gamertag and verify your email by clicking on the confirmation e-mail that is sent to the preferred e-mail address listed in your "Halo" Insider profile, ClutchPoints instructed.

After verifying your e-mail, you must opt-in for communications by clicking on "I would like information, tips, and offers about the Halo franchise." If you have not verified your e-mail and checked the opt-in box, you won't be able to receive flighting e-mails, 343 Industries explained.

Once that is completed, select Opting in for flighting on the platforms of your choice, which can be a console or PC. For PC flighting, interested players have to upload the DxDiag and connect their personal Steam account.

Of course, opting in for flighting does not guarantee access to the technical previews or pre-release hands-on gameplay tests, 343 added. But they do aim to give everyone a chance.

"Halo Infinite" has not released a formal launch date just yet but it should be available on the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC in the holidays later this year.

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