Should You Buy iPhone 12 Now? 4 Reasons You Should Wait For iPhone 13 Instead!

Should You Buy iPhone 12 Now? 4 Reasons You Should Wait For iPhone 13 Instead!
The new iPhone 13 is coming just around the corner. If you are looking to upgrade to a new iPhone and can wait a little longer, here are four reasons why you should wait until and get your hands on the upcoming Apple flagship. Photo : TheRegisti/Unsplash

Are you in the market for a new iPhone? Is your old one due for an upgrade? It might be exciting to go and get the new thing on the market right now, like the iPhone 12. However, you might want to stretch your patience just a little bit longer as the iPhone 13 will be hitting the shelves this soon.

Here are some of the reasons why you should skip the iPhone 12 and wait for the iPhone 13 coming later this year.

4 Reasons You Should Wait For the iPhone 13

According to Tom's Guide,the iPhone 13 will be sporting several upgrades that will make it beter than the iPhone 12. If you can afford to wait for the next iPhone, here are some of the possible upgrades that might be awaiting you.

4. 12oHz refresh rates for the Pro models

If you're looking to upgrade to an iPhone Pro or Pro Max, it is best to wait for the iPhone 13. The new display is said to have a fresh new 120Hz ProMotion refresh rate that gives an oh-so buttery smooth scrolling and viewing experience.

3. Camera Upgrades

Mobile photography enthusiasts might want to consider waiting for the upcoming iPhone 13.

This rumored feature has been the longest-standing one. The upcoming iPhone 13 range will reportedly house an improved rear ultrawide camera lens and support for astrophotography and video portrait modes.

LiDAR depth sensors might be given to all models in the lineup and not just the Pro models just like last year. These sensors help with photo effects and AR applications and can be really helpful for anyone interested in AR and VR design and development.

2. New Colors

If it's the aesthetics you are going for, and the iPhone 12 color palette is not up to your taste, the iPhone 13 should be releasing its own shades included in the color palette that could be something you're interested in.

1. Larger batteries

If you are always on your phone, always doig something on it and draining its battery, you could benefit from a larger battery that offers you longer phone time. The iPhone 13 is said to come out with a larger battery capacity offering more juice for a longer rime in between chargest.

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Why the iPhone 12 Is Still a Good Purchase

If those rumored features listed above don't really impress you or compel you to wait the few extra months, that's no big deal. The iPhone 12 is still a very capable and great phone. It is really tough with its ceramic shield display, as Cnet pointed out. It is harder than most metals and can hold up pretty well to falls, slips and drops.

The iPhone 12 might also be discounted when the new iPhone 13 starts rolling out. Tom's Guide predicts the price drop could even be $200 less than the original retail price.

The cameras on the iPhone 12 are already really good, providing incredible quality. Not to mention the 5G support is already fitted and ready on the iPhone 12.

The A14 Bionic Chip is already a very powerful chip. Sure, the iPhone 13 will have the A15 Bionic Chip, but the current A14 already blows away most Android phones in terms of performance, as Tom's Guide said.

If you are a total Apple fan who's ready for an upgrade but can wait a little longer, the new iPhone 13 could be a better choice for you. But the iPhone 12 is an incredible phone in its own right.

If you believe that the iPhone 13's bells and whistles do not really add anything extra to your life or you won't really need those fancy new features, then an iPhone 12 is just as great of an option and could even be fetched for a discounted price when the new model comes along.

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