'My Hero Academia' Live Action Movie Gets Director, Anime Fans React: Best Memes, Reactions and MORE!

'My Hero Academia' Live Action Movie Gets Director, Anime Fans React: Best Memes, Reactions and MORE!
News for the "My Hero Academia" Live Action Movie takes over Twitter headlines! Fans are excited and devastated at the same time. Here are some of the best memes and reactions to the latest anime hype. Photo : Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for ReedPOP

News about the "My Hero Academia" live-action movie took over Twitter headlines! Anime fans are excited and devastated at the same time, showing their thoughts through memes and commentaries.

Normally, Anime and live-action are a horrible combo. Fans could probably count in one hand the number of Anime adaptations they somehow enjoyed. Reasons vary for different audiences, but the sentiment stays the same: a "real" version of anime feels wrong.

However, the incoming "My Hero Academia" might break this stereotype. Only the best of the best was used for the live-action project, with two specific factors sending the anime fans in a frenzied hype.

'My Hero Academia' Live-Action Movie: Directed by Shinsuke Sato

According to Deadline, Shinsuke Sato will direct the live-action. Anime fans are excited because this director is pretty popular for his Japanese hit movies and series like "Kingdom," "Alice in Borderland" and "Inuyashiki." Sato is known for his ability to create dramatic and powerful scenes.

Check his "Kingdom" trailer to get an idea of his work:

The second reason for the "My Hero Academia" movie hype is the production team: Legendary Pictures. Note that Legendary is the genius behind the amazing and realistic cinematography of "Detective Pikachu."

Adding these two factors together caused a flood of reactions from "My Hero Academia" fans.

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Twitter Reactions on 'My Hero Academia' Movie

Some fans think that Shinsuke Sato will make the "My Hero Academia" movie look cool

 Others are simply happy about his hiring since his expertise would be helpful to the live-action:

Fans think Shinsuke Sato and Legendary Studios will really have a good chemistry:

 Another fan emphasized Shinsuke Sato's ability to direct supernatural scenes, fitting for the "My Hero Academia" genre.

Sure enough, Anime fans are standing behind the great decision to pick Sato as the director of the live-action adaptation.

The 'My Hero Academia' Real-Life Movie

Even though Anime fans are hyped, interested viewers are also recommended to take this update with a level of precaution.

In summary, "My Hero Academia" (translated from the anime "Boku no Hero Academia") is a popular series by mangaka Kohei Horikoshi, per Deadline. It tells about a world where 80 people people are born with superpowers, with the story itself focusing on a young boy named Izuku (Deku) Midoriya who journeys to become the next biggest superhero.

A live-action adaptation for this movie requires high-quality animation for many different superheroes and superpowers. The fight scenes are often intense, and the "My Hero Academia" storyline is relatively deep.

While Shinsuke Sato and Legendary Studios are both experts in their field, it will be challenging to adapt an animated storyline in a real-life setting. They also have to face the challenge of making the characters look as "normal" as possible.

Currently, there are not much information for the live-action. Fans do not know which part of the storyline or how many of the characters will be included in the movie. No date for release has also been provided.

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