Nerf 'Aliens' Pulse Rifle Gets Awesome First Look! Price and How to Pre-Order Now

Nerf 'Aliens' Pulse Rifle Gets Awesome First Look! Price and How to Pre-Order Now
Nerf is set to release its version of the iconic M41A Pulse Rifle from the 1986 movie "Aliens" next year. Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Wishing you had been a member of the Colonial Marines trying to sniff the daylights out of those seemingly unbeatable opponents in James Cameron's "Aliens"?

Now's the chance to get the feel of that optimum rush towards the LV-426! That is by brandishing a replica of that famous M41A Pulse Rifle. Marking 35 years since the release of "Aliens," Nerf has built a limited edition version of the Pulse Rifle, which shoots various types of darts and offers a digital read-out, Gizmodo revealed.

Nerf 'Aliens' Pulse Rifle Offers Pump Action Option, LCD Ammo Counter

In the movie, the gun is a combination of multiple weapons: a 10-mm assault rifle and a 30-mm pump action grenade launcher. This iteration is actually a toy blaster able to fire Elite and Mega Nerf darts. It has a pump action option with an LCD ammunition counter. Its bright yellow color may not be accurate with what fans witnessed onscreen, but it is largely inspired by the 1986 film's famous Power Loader, Cnet reported.

Hasbro is set to release the $95 iconic Nerf blaster in October 2022, but it is already available for pre-order at GameStop and Hasbro Pulse.

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Unlike Nerf's $130 "The Mandalorian" blaster rifle or "Overwatch" artillery, the 28-inch long M41A Pulse is not merely a replica with just token foam darts inside, The Verge reported. Just like the one in the movie, it is a fully automatic blaster that fires Nerf Elite dart magazines in "Rapid Strike" treatment. It is powered by four C batteries and familiar blast sounds from the movie.

As for the digital ammo counter, it would count the darts as you hold the trigger down. A standard magazine contains 10 darts, but if you choose to add your ammunition after purchasing the blaster, the ammo counter could be set to as high as 99 darts.

The underbarrel grenade launcher shoots Mega darts one at a time and provides a spring-loaded plunger tube that is linked to a secondary trigger users can actually pull, The Verge added. This is unlike other Nerf's other blasters, such as its old Demolisher, wherein users need to pull hard on a manual plunger to fire away. No internal magazines seem to be available, though, for additional Mega darts. As such, users must keep those extra darts in the pocket.

Nerf 'Aliens' Pulse Rifle, a Dream Come True for Toy Blaster Fanatics

Toy blaster fanatics have long tried to mimic the "Aliens" Pulse Rifle by transforming their Thompson airsoft replicas and other Nerf blasters into the M41A. Some even put a Nerf blaster underneath their RapidStrike or Stryfe artillery to realize that underbarrel-type rifle.

But with this upcoming "Aliens" Pulse Rifle, these fans are certainly in for a gun-toting treat. Its $95 price tag may be a lot, but it's reasonable compared to other Nerf offerings, including the $130 Soldier 76 pulse rifle from "Overwatch." By the looks of it, Hasbro has really hit its target pretty well in creating such an accurate, impressive toy blaster.

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