Is 'Hades' Getting a Sequel? How 'God Mode' Helped 'Hades' Become The Highest Rated Game on PS5 and Xbox

Is 'Hades' Getting a Sequel? How 'God Mode' Helped 'Hades' Become The Highest Rated Game on PS5 and Xbox
Just a month shy of celebrating its first anniversary, "Hades" is now the highest-rated game on PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S. Photo : Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Just days after its release on PlayStation and Xbox, "Hades" is now the highest-rated game on PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S.

Find out how a standout feature made gamers come back to playing it all over again. With its successful first year, with "Hades" come out with a sequel?

'Hades' Becomes Highest Rated Game on PS5 and Xbox Series

Originally released for PC and Switch in September of 2020, the rogue-like dungeon crawler game has been one of the most impressive titles so far. As Video Games Chronicle highlighted, "Hades" won Game of the Year during this year's Game Developers Choice Awards and nabbed Best Design and Best Audio too.

When "Hades" was released on Xbox and PlayStation last August 13, it quickly rose to the top of the list as the highest rated title on Series X/S and PS5 a week later.

So far, the OS5 version has a Metacritic score of 93, exceeding the score of "Demon's Souls" which got a 92, "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2" which garnered a 90, and "Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrated" which scored an 89.

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'Hades' God Mode

What makes "Hades" stand out from other games and earning acclaims are its two standout features, per Inverse.

While its focus on story has pulled in players, its unique accessibility option called God Mode is what makes it a great game to come back to over and over again. "Hades" wanted to embrace the difficult plays of roguelikes, but they also acknowledged that a smoother experience for struggling players should be offered--though they didn't want a regular easy mode.

Supergiant Games writer and "Hades" Creative Director Greg Kasavin told Inverse that they wanted to take the sting of failure and "reduce that as much as possible."

When playing in God Mode, the player gets a special Boon called Deus Ex Machina allowing players to take 20 percent less damage from attacks and it increases by two percent after each death. It caps off at 80 percent resistance.

It is with this unique and bold system that makes "Hades" incredibly more accessible to players without ruining any of its fun story or gameplay. It allows players to plow through the game powerful and capable, successfully crushing a run. This subsequently builds the player's confidence needed to improve.

Will "Hades" Have a Sequel?

The studio behind "Bastion," "Transistor," and "Pyre," Supergiant Games does not play around with its games. According to The Gamer, "Hades" can be considered the studio's magnum opus.

Supergiant has been successfully outdoing itself with every game it puts out, and with "Hades," the indie studio has cemented its place at the forefront of the games industry. With all its success, Kasavin said he is unsure if the studio will work on an official sequel to the critically acclaimed game.

Considering how well developed "Hades" is, it is understandable to leave it as it is and move on with another project, and working on making that better than "Hades."

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