'League of Legends' 11.17 Patch Notes: Lucian Nerf, Ekko Buff, Champion Adjustments and MORE

'League of Legends' 11.7 Patch Notes: Lucian Nerf, Ekko Buff, Champion Adjustments and MORE
Since "League of Legends" Worlds 2021 is just around the corner, Riot made many fixes for their 11.17 Patch update. Photo : Juergen Schwarz/Getty Images

Since "League of Legends" Worlds 2021 is just around the corner, Riot made many fixes for their 11.17 Patch update. Over 10 champions got major buffs and nerf, with Akshan, Gangplank, Amumu and Lucian also got minor reworks. Lastly, two new skin lines got added to PBE!

'League of Legends' 11.17: Full Patch Notes

As per tradition, "League of Legends" tweeted Patch 11.17 Highlights on their social media account. In-game changes are fully listed on their official webpage.

Notably, there are a lot of balance changes in this patch. Since reading through it is long and troublesome, this article highlights the biggest improvements you need to look out for.

Client Improvements & RP Updates

According to Dotesports, Riot improved their web browser and "LoL" client. This should result in lower memory consumption, fewer crashes, and faster performance. Unfortunately, system requirements for the game were also updated. Mac users need to run macOS 10.12 or later to play the game's new features.

Other countries will also have increased price rates due to local circumstances. Starting September 8, Brazil, Latin America, Russia, and Turkey will experience increased rates between 9-17 percent. Before that, Riot opened an even promo from August 23 to September 8, where players will receive "Double Bonus Currency" on RP purchases.

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'LoL' Champion and Item Changes

A total of 17 Champions received changes during this patch. Here is a quick summary of the skills update. Here are themajor changes players should take note of:


  • Akshan: "Going Rogue" no longer claims Scoundrels when he's dead and Heroic Swing increased damage
  • Amumu: "Bandage Toss" has two charges. Increased base damage
  • Gangplank: New barrel critical strike update with "Powder Keg."
  • Lucian: New Passive Skill "Vigilance.


  • Graves: "End of the Line" increased mana cost
  • Irelia: "Bladesurge" reduced healing
  • Kayn: "The Darkin Scythe" reduced bonus damage
  • Leona: "Eclipse" reduced bonus armor and magic resist
  • Viego: Attack range decreased
  • Zed: Bonus attack damage reduced


  • Ekko: "Drive Resonance" increased damage
  • Evelyn: "Last Caress" reduced cooldown
  • Nami: Base health increased
  • Lissandra: Base attack damage increased
  • Senna: "Absolution" critical damage increased
  • Teemo: "Toxic Shot" damage increased
  • Xayah: "Doube Daggers" cast time reduced and "Featherstorm" base damage increased

Runes and Items

One rune and five items were also adjusted in the patch:

  • Fleet Footwork (Rune): increased healing and damage output
  • Divine Sunderer: increased attack damage
  • Hullbreaker: increased health bonus
  • Serpent's Fang: increased lethality bonus
  • Wit's End: increased damage output
  • Youmuu's Ghostblade: reduced gold cost and reduced damage output

'League of Legends' Patch Notes: Crime City Skin Line Added

The promised skin line from the voting poll finally got released as well. Five new Crime City skins have been added for Akali, Shaco, Twisted Fate, Darius, and Zyra. Official splash arts have been tweeted through the social media account of "LoL." As previewed, they have a white and purple color template set in a dark and shady setting.

Lastly, the Phoenix Rising skin line has been added for Anivia, Seraphine, and Xayah. This is a bright and festive color inspired by the story of a phoenix rising from the ashes.

All changes should be visible after players have installed the 11.17 patch on their local game server.

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