'What If' Episode 7 Reviews, Memes, Reactions: Party Thor, Jotun Loki, Ultron Teaser and More Easter Eggs!

'What If' Episode 7 Reviews, Memes, Reactions: Party Thor, Jotun Loki, Ultron Teaser and More Easter Eggs!
Many Marvel fans rated "What If" Episode 7 a solid 10/10. "What If" Episode 7 reviews and memes were immediately posted on Twitter. Movie watchers found many exciting easter eggs hidden for the next episode. Photo : ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

Several Marvel fans rated "What If" Episode 7 a solid 10/10. In fact, a lot of people immediately posted their "What If" Episode 7 reviews and memes on Twitter after they found many exciting easter eggs.

After the previous episodes of blood, death, and destruction, it was refreshing to meet Party Thor and Jotun Loki. The episode also featured Jane Foster and Captain Marvel battling to save Earth from an apocalyptic party burnout.

YouTuber agameofantasy made a four-minute video cut on the best scenes from "What If" Episode 7. The video is embedded below:

Marvel 'What If' Episode 7 Reviews: Fans Post Meme Reactions

Marvel fans absolutely enjoyed the episode. Mere hours after the episode went live, fans headed over to Twitter to post their reactions.

One Marvel fan found the episode hilarious. The fan also spotted "So many familiar faces and a bunch of easter eggs."

Another fan commented, "What If" Episode 7 as an unexpected and light hearted episode "that goes completely WTF ina way that'd be impossible in live action MCU."

But the main highlight of the show was definitely Thor, the God of Thunder. Or more aptly referred to as "Thor: The Party Prince." This Thor gained a new reputation and hashtag as #PartyThor

Fans are speculating how much fun Chis Hemsworth had, voicing his character with an entirely different personality.

Another head-turner for "What If" Episode 7 is Loki in his Jotun form. In a divergent reality setting, Loki adapted comfortably as a very interesting Frost Giant.

The Asgardian party didn't stop with these two. Surtur, Fire Demon and Lord of Muspelheim, was seen flirting with the Statue of Liberty. The development, unfortunately, led to some damages.

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With the party getting out of hand, Captain Marvel is not pleased.

At the peak of all these parties and fun, Marvel dropped a surprising development that shocked all its fans. It's a cliffhanger!

Mere seconds after the episode ends, Vision and Ultron appeared out of nowhere. Fans are now curious about what would happen next.

Disney Plus 'What If' Episode 7 Easter Eggs and References

With Marvel's "What If" Episode 7 officially out, movie analysts from Cnet recorded some notable details for the series.

  • Marvel "What if" only has two episodes left for the season. Plot development would probably escalate.
  • Since Vision gathered the Infinity Stones, fans are curious what Thanos is up to. Nebula briefly mentions him in the episode.
  • Brock Rumlow was pretty eager to fire the nukes, possibly because he is a Hydra agent infiltrating SHIELD.
  • Mjolnir hitting Captain Marvel's head is a reference to the "I like this one" scene from "Avengers: Endgame."
  • "Totally thought you were gonna be a dude captain," Darcy says to Captain Marvel, a nudge to the original comics Captain Marvel who was male.

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