Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Explosion Reminds Fans of Galaxy Note 7 Disaster: Is It the Same?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Explosion Reminds Fans of Galaxy Note 7 Disaster: Is It the Same?
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 explodes in the midst of mailing it back to Samsung for replacement. People speculated if the device might have the same problem with the Samsung Note 7 Photo : KIM HONG-JI/Getty Images

Samsung continues to pursue its goal since the launch of the Galaxy Fold series in 2019, transforming people's perception about foldable phones and making it a need for everybody. 

Is Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G the Same With Samsung Note 7?

The South Korean electronic company has made its most compelling case with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G. Samsung's latest smartphone, which introduces a new era of smartphones, is unlike anything the world has seen before. 

The innovation of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G devices prompts us to reassess the manner we play and work due to the combination of a tablet and smartphone device. 

The new device Samsung has launched, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, is reportedly selling better than expected. However, it might quite literally be selling too hot. A Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 user, Chad Christian, who educates people in trading cryptocurrency, options, and stocks by profession, has caught his phone smoking from the blazing heat. 

On Monday, Christian tweeted that while he was putting together the phone to be sent back to Samsung through the mail, the phone exploded, and smoke was coming out from it. 

He shared that the phone was initially sent to Samsung because of the screen damage it got as it fell from his bike more than a week ago. After consulting Samsung, they no longer attended to it for repair as its case requires a replacement.  

With that, he was in the middle of wrapping the device in its box because Samsung told him to mail it to get a replacement when the unfortunate incident of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 explosion happened. 

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The Galaxy Note 7 Trouble

People quickly recollect similar Galaxy Note 7 incidents and link the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 explosion, claiming it defected. However, Christian then tweeted that the probable cause of its explosion is nothing the same as the Galaxy Note 7. He suspected it to be integrity damage since it fell off his bike.

As we look back on the technical problems of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the worst-case scenario happened: the devices were catching fire and spewing black smoke.

According to Alex Dobie of Android Central, the batteries of the Samsung Note 7 that are made up of lithium-ion can be dangerous if discharged in an uncontrolled manner. It was later reported to have cost the company $5 billion in revenue.

Any device that has had a hard hit might largely have internal damage that may or may not manifest instantaneously, but the damage would still manifest later.

It wasn't clearly stated if Christian's Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 came with a smartphone case. However, everyone is still encouraged to purchase the case in hopes of preventing situations like this from happening.

Furthermore, Christian did not remove the speculative question of what could have happened if he experienced the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 explosion throughout shipment. 

With that, the tech company Samsung was reported to have formed a team dedicated to further solving and addressing this problem and sent Christian a pre-addressed box to return the defective device.

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