Xbox Series X Restock: Where to Buy Microsoft Console Next, Online Trackers to Check for Updates

Xbox Series X Restock: Where to Buy Microsoft Console Next, Online Trackers to Check for Updates
Major retailers are now selling their last supply of Xbox Series X gaming consoles. Photo : Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Xbox UK

Major retailers are now selling their last supply of Xbox Series X gaming consoles. Shops like Walmart and GameStop still have a few units left, while others like Amazon and Best Buy have completely exhausted their stocks.

There were a lot of restock updates for Xbox Series X last week. Almost all retailers had the gaming console available for sale. Unfortunately, market demand remains strong, and supply levels are dwindling. All Xbox Series X gaming consoles might sell out in these next few hours.

Xbox Series X Restock Trackers: Availability Report for Major Retailers

Newsweek made a live tracker for all major US retailers selling the Xbox Series X console. Listed below are their availability status and restock predictions.


Xbox Series X remains available on Amazon. Unfortunately, these units are sold by third-party scalpers at an inflated price. Xbox Series X gaming consoles cost between $990 to $1,200. No prediction was made for the next official Amazon restock.

Best Buy

Best Buy has sold out of its Xbox Series X units. However, the retailer is open for preorder of the Microsoft Xbox Series X  "Halo Infinite" Limited Edition (Black). The gaming console costs $549.99. Keep in mind that Xbox Series X purchases through Best Buy are not open for delivery. Instead, buyers must travel to the nearest branch store to collect their units.


GameStop opted to sell its Xbox Series X in a bundle package. One available package is the next-gen console with an extra wireless controller, digital gift card, 3-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and a "Madden NFL 22" game. The entire bundle costs $694.46. The sale was initially exclusive to "Power Up Pro" loyalty members but eventually opened up to the public at the time of writing.


Xbox Series X official storefront replenished stocks last September 24. Unfortunately, all units sold out. Microsoft Store resupplies itself at random days sometime between 6 PM ET and 8 PM ET. Visit the website occasionally on that timeframe, and you might get lucky enough.

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Newegg typically sells out its high in-demand merchandise through Newegg Shuffle. However, most of its recent sales only featured PC components. People who want to try their luck in Newegg Shuffle are recommended to participate daily. Newegg would email their lottery merchandise to registered subscribers.


Unfortunately, Target no longer coordinates its shops with nationwide drops for gaming consoles. Individual locations would organize their own Xbox Series X restocks. To keep yourself updated, visit the nearest retail shop and directly ask employees for their next restock schedule.


Walmart last restocked its Xbox Series X consoles late Thursday evening, September 23. At the time of writing, the retailer still had some units available with Xbox all-access package. The next Xbox Series X restock is predicted at October 7 at the earliest.

Xbox Series X Restock Online Trackers: 24 Hours Live Stream

GameSpot also suggested using Twitch Bot trackers. This would give real-time restock updates for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S gaming consoles. Twitch user killercam1020 livestreams these updates on their channel. Open the video to check on retailer availability instantly.

You could also follow the Twitter tracker Cameron Ritz. Aside from availability updates, the user also gives related information like available SSD and gaming accessories. Other Twitter accounts like Wario64 and Xbox Stock Alerts are also worthy follows for anything related to the Microsoft gaming console.

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