Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift Issue Resolved: Better Controllers Coming?

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift Issue Resolved: Better Controllers Coming?
Nintendo is addressing the controversial Joy-Con Drift issue by introducing improved controllers in the just-released Switch OLED Photo : Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Are you having problems with your Nintendo Switch joystick, which might make unintended movement inputs due to some degradation over time?

The good news is that Nintendo disclosed that it will soon roll out improved Joy-Con controllers in a post on the consumer electronics and gaming company's website. Nintendo technology development division director Ko Shiota and deputy general manager Toru Yamashita seem to be referring to the controversial "Joy-Con drift" as they discussed enhancements to the new iteration of the Joy-Con controllers.

The Joy-Con drift is an issue wherein the Switch joysticks register inputs without users touching them, and this has bugged owners of the console for years. This has also besieged users of the Nintendo Switch Lite, as they are unable to replace it since the joysticks are built into the handhelds.

New Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Analog Sticks Improved in New OLED Version

According to Yamashita, the specifications of the new Joy-Con controllers that come with the just released Nintendo Switch OLED "hadn't changed" because the company "didn't add new features such as new buttons," confirming reports that the new console won't have updated controllers. He then emphasized that the "analog sticks...are the latest version, with all the improvements."

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The Nintendo officials did not reveal specific details about the improvements, but Digital Trends surmises that these are related to the joysticks' wear and tear. Shiota admitted that the controller sticks degrade the same way "car tires wear out as the car moves," given that such are "in constant friction with the ground to rotate." Given this problem, Nintendo had continuously sought ways to "improve durability" while equating operability in the controllers.

Nintendo Looking for Ways to Prevent Joy-Con Wear and Tear

Yamashita added the degree of degradation would depend on several factors, such as the combination of materials and forms, TechSpot noted. Because of this, Nintendo is incessantly researching to identify material combinations that would lead to less wear and tear.

Nintendo is still working on further enhancing the Switch joystick controllers, as Shiota pointed out that the controller's design is "something (Nintendo is) continuously tackling."

Nintendo has grappled with multiple class-action lawsuits because of the Joy-Con drift issue, but these have not hindered the continuing success of the Switch console. The Nintendo Switch OLED launched on Friday, together with the new title "Metroid Dread."

It boasts of an improved screen and catchy new bells and whistles. Obviously, the new iteration appear no different from the original Switch, but has several new features. It has 64 GB of internal storage with a slightly bigger (9.5 inches long, as against the original Switch's 9.4 inches) and heavier (.71 pounds compared to the .66 pounds of the original Switch.

As its name implies, the new Switch has a 7-inch OLED multi-touch capacitive touch screen, compared to the 6.2-inch LCD screen of the original Switch, providing better color quality and brightness. It also offers a sturdier kickstand with enhanced articulation, improved audio in handheld mode, and an Ethernet port on the included dock.

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