'Far Cry 6' System Requirements, Graphic Presets, Best Settings to Run the Game on Your PC

'Far Cry 6' System Requirement, Graphic Presets, Best Settings to Run the Game on Your PC
Players can now enjoy the best experience playing "Far Cry 6" with ideal system requirements, settings, and presets. Photo : David McNew/Getty Images

While the new "Far Cry 6" has not impressed fans of the title that much, it still remains loyal to the appeal of the shooter game franchise, PC Gamer noted.

This means it offers an expansive world to roam around, and a great number of enemies to waylay, and makeshift devices that will make your gaming monitor blaring and glaring with spectacular rounds of gunfire.

Experiencing so much activity onscreen, it should be wise to check your "Far Cry 6" settings to make sure your setup won't break down and instead make the most out of every moment playing the game.

It might not digress from its winning formula, but "Far Cry 6" offers that raise the stakes with new hidden features, such as ray tracing on the PC and AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) that decreases the performance overhead.

Not really that well-optimized at first, the title has some CPU threading issues and an astoundingly high 11GM VRAM requirement for the HD texture pack. But don't fret, a few important settings just need tweaking to help improve performance.

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Basic System Requirements to Play 'Far Cry 6' on Your PC

While "Far Cry 6" might be quite demanding in terms of system resources, Ubisoft outlines what is needed to achieve ideal resolution and frame rate. Before any boosting tips, here are the "Far Cry 6" basic system requirements as noted on PC Games N:

Minimum (1080p/30 fps): OS - Windows 10 64-bit, CPU - Intel i5-4460/AMD Ryzen 3 1200, RAM - 8GB, GPU - Nvidia GTX 960/AMD RX 460, VRAM - 4GB, Storage - 60GB.

Recommended (1080p/60 fps): OS - Windows 10 64-bit, CPU - Intel i7-7700/AMD Ryzen 5 3600X, RAM - 16 GB, GPU - Nvidia GTX 1080, AMD RX VEGA64, VRAM - 8GB, Storage - 60GB

Recommended (1440p/60 fps): OS - Windows 10 64-bit; CPU - Intel i7-9700/AMD Ryzen 5 3600X, RAM - 16 GB, GPU - Nvidia RTX 2070 Super/AMD RX 5700XT, VRAM - 8GB, Storage - 60GB

Once you switch ray tracing on, you need Nvidia or AMD's latest and most powerful GPUs to reach an ideal frame rate.

Minimum (1080p/30 fps): OS - Windows 10 64-bit, CPU - Intel Core i5-10600K/AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, RAM - 16GB, GPU - Nvidia RTX 3070/AMD RX 6900XT, VRAM - 8GB+, Storage - 60GB.

Recommended (1080p/30 fps): OS - Windows 10 64-bit, CPU - Intel Core i5-10700K/AMD Ryzen 5 5900X, RAM - 16GB, GPU - Nvidia RTX 3080/AMD RX 6800, VRAM - 10GB+, Storage - 60GB.

Choosing the Best Graphics Presets, Settings for 'Far Cry 6'

In boosting "Far Cry 6", users need to first choose between four graphics presets - Low, Medium, High and Ultra. Selecting the ideal preset shall depend on what your gaming PC can handle, but PC Games N recommends to begin with High at your preferred resolution, then scale settings accordingly. As such, the visuals would appear breathtaking, with detailed textures and lush greenery appearing on the Cuban-inspired land of Yara. And this would not take up too many resources, as it reaches a 16 percent performance increase compared to Ultra.

As for the ideal settings, here are some to choose under Video across the Quality and Advanced Settings tab:

Texture filtering: ultra
Shadows: medium
Geometry and vegetation: medium
Environment: ultra
Water: high
Terrain: medium
Volumetric fog: ultra
HD textures: optional
Anti-aliasing: TAA
DXR reflections: off
DXR shadows: off
FidelityFX CAS: on
FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0: on
FSR Mode: ultra quality

These are the best settings based on built-in benchmark tools that gives a healthy mix of mediums, highs, and ultras that achieve a balance between fidelity and frame rate.

In addition, "Far Cry 6" offers accessibility settings, in which you can enable menu narration right after the introduction. These can be toggled on and off by pressing L on the gaming keyboard. You would then see a number of accessibility presets that provide context in helping you play the game. You can take granular control of these presets when you get to the main menu and dive into those settings you prefer.

These include Vision, Hearing, Motor, Cognitive, and Motion presets, and the Colourblind mode, which all help you play the game even you encounter physical challenges.

Together with these settings tied to frame rate and accessibility, "Far Cry 6" allows you to adjust the heads-up display (HUD) for a 21:9 ultrawide display to prevent elements from locking to the center of the screen. Better yet, a "fit to monitor" option allows you to maintain the HUD on the main screen while extending your peripheral vision to a second monitor.

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