Apple Watch Series 7 Better Than Series 6? Price, Battery Life, Health Features and More Differences

Apple Watch Series 7 Better Than Series 6? Price, Battery Life, Health Features and More Differences
The newest Apple Watch Series 7 will be launched on October 15. However, there isn’t much difference seen on the Apple Watch Series 7 compared to the Series 6. Photo : Tomohiro Ohsumi / Getty Images

The newest product of Apple, the Apple Watch Series 7, will be launching much sooner.

The Apple Watch Series 7 appears to be a modest yet more advanced version of the Apple Watch from the Series 6. It also includes a larger screen, a more sturdy design, and numerous color options in the Apple Watch Series 7.

The pre-order for the Watch has already begun, and will officially be launched in stores on October 15 for $399.

Apple Watch Series 7 vs. Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 7 was introduced during Apple's iPhone 13 launch event on September. However, numerous key aspects regarding the watch remain unknown. Nevertheless, Apple has already set up the webpage for it, so Apple Watch fans could at least get an idea of what to expect and pre-order the wearable tech.

Based on what we know so far, Series 7 will share a lot of similarities with Series 6.

The Price

The starting price of both Series 6 and Series 7 still remains the same with the price value at $399. So, if you haven't got a Series 6 yet, you can just jump ahead to the Series 7, and still shell out the same amount.

The Display and Size

The Apple Watch Series 6 is at 40mm/44mm and has an always-on screen mode.

Meanwhile, the Apple Watch Series 7 is at 41mm/45mm, making it slightly bigger than its predecessor. The device also has an always-on screen mode that's about 20% larger and is 70% brighter when used indoors.

The Water Resistance

The Apple Watch Series 6 is water-resistant up to 50 meters, while the Apple Watch Series 7 has IP6X dust resistance capabilities and is also water-resistant up to 50 meters.

The Battery Life

The Apple Watch Series 6 can be used continuously for up to 16 hours on a single charge. On the other hand, the battery life of the Apple Watch Series 7 is estimated to be the same, meaning any user can use it up to 16 hours in a single charge.

However, the latter has a much faster charging time. It is said to be 33% faster than Series 6.

Color Options

These are the following color launched for the Series 6: Silver, space gray, gold, blue-red, silver, graphite, and gold, space black titanium, and titanium.

Meanwhile, these are the following colors suspected to be launched for the Series 7: Midnight, starlight, green, blue, red, silver, graphite, and gold, space black titanium, and titanium.

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Apple Watch Series 7

A New Design With a Larger Screen and Durable Build.

According to CNET, since the Watch Series 4 arrived in 2018, the Apple Watch hasn't had a screen upgrade, but that will change this 2021 with the Apple Watch Series 7, boasting a screen that is approximately 20% larger than the Series 6, and more than 50% larger than the Series 3.

The watch's display borders are 40% narrower on the Series 7 than on the Series 6, allowing it to have a larger screen without making the gadget significantly larger overall.

It's comparable to how smartphone screens have grown in size since most major phone manufacturers removed the bezels that previously contained the device's physical home buttons and cameras.

The durability of the Series 7 is another major modification the tech giant has made to the device.

Apple's latest wristwatch is the company's first to feature IP6X dust resistance, and the crystal that covers the front screen is said to be 50% thicker than that of the Series 6. Water resistance of up to 50 meters will be maintained, precisely as the Series 6.

Health Features.

Furthermore, it appears that the Apple Watch Series 7 will have much of the same features as the Apple Watch Series 6 in terms of performance and health tracking.

During the introduction ceremony, Apple did not discuss the Series 7's processor, implying that it will have similar performance to its predecessor.

In addition, just like Series 6, the Apple Watch Series 7 will include an electrical heart sensor with the ECG app and the ability to analyze blood oxygen levels. With that, users will also receive Apple's other health features, like sleep tracking, exercise tracking, and Apple Fitness Plus compatibility.


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