Metroid Dread Progression Bug Fix: Here's a Temporary Workaround Before Nintendo Releases Official Patch to Fix It

Metroid Dread Progression Bug Fix: Here's a Temporary Workaround Before Nintendo Releases Official Patch to Fix It
Players of Nintendo’s Metroid Dread are all experiencing a sudden glitch. However, the Nintendo Metroid Dread bug patch will be made available to the public later this month. Photo : PHILIP FONG / Getty Images

Numerous complaints from Metroid Dread players have been received by Nintendo due to experiencing a bug interruption message that displays as "The Software Was Closed Because an Error Occurred." With that, the players are unable to progress through the game.

However, a Metroid Dread bug fix is coming its way this month, the gaming company promised.

Metroid Dread Bug Prevents Game Progression

Nintendo has revealed that it is trying to remedy a glitch in the recently released Metroid Dread that could halt your progress if you happen to come across it.

The problem, according to a support page, creates the error message mentioned above, which then prompts the program to quit unexpectedly.

Nevertheless, the fix will be available by the end of the month, according to Nintendo. This is after they have received numerous reports about the bug, and the frustration of Metroid Dread gamers.

The Nintendo Metroid Dread bug patch coming this October 2021, is promised to resolve all the user complaints Nintendo has received due to the bug, and perhaps other known issues surrounding the game.

How to Prevent Metroid Dread Bug

As of now, players must avoid activating the problem until the fix is published, which might occur near the end of the game if the player destroys a door while a map marker for that specific door is showing on the map.

Fortunately, this implies that recovering from a crash is rather simple and that players can entirely prevent the glitch from activating.

According to the customer support of Nintendo, the company apologizes for the inconvenience the Metroid Dread bug has caused and encouraged the users who are experiencing the problem to "Restart the game and, before playing through this sequence, remove the door icon map marker to prevent this error from occurring."

As of writing, this is the only workaround for the game's bug.

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The Nintendo Metroid Dread Game

Metroid Dread is a game that has been about feeling alone ever since the beginning.

Players are usually dropped into a hostile alien planet with most of their powers taken away and no direction on how to live and escape.

In a review by The Verge, the news outlet noted that there is a reason why the series created a whole genre of 2D exploration games, and that's despite having multiple current counterparts, Metroid's unique blend of sci-fi loneliness "still stands out."

This is something that Metroid Dread, the series' first mainline entry since 2002, and a game that took a long time to develop from concept to reality, largely understands to a considerable extent.

It has a dark and mysterious world to it, offering both a location to explore and a mystery to solve. It captures the original Metroid feel, while also introducing a new element of dread in the shape of relentless robots that will pursue you like a Resident Evil monster.

It's Metroid's closest approach to being a full-fledged horror game.

Dread, on the other hand, aspires to be an action game, complete with boss encounters and surprise clashes against fast-moving creatures.

Another satisfying feature in the game that players are fond of, is that throughout the whole duration of the game, the two sides will continuously feel at odds and never quite come along together.

According to Gamespot, Metroid Dread is developed by MercurySteam and is reportedly its second time working on the franchise after previously developing the Metroid: Samus Return in 2017 for Nintendo 3DS.

However, it was reported by another report of the online gaming news outlet that the developer MecurySteam, unfortunately, did not credit everyone who contributed to the game development due to a studio policy.


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