'Doctor Who' Season 13 Trailer Hypes Up the Baddies! Release Date, Guest Stars, Storyline, Enemies, and MORE!

'Doctor Who' Season 13 Trailer Hypes Up the Baddies! Release Date, Guest Stars, Storyline, Enemies, and MORE!
Doctor Who Season 13 is coming our way in Holloween. Doctor Who Season 13 trailer just dropped and reveals great adventure with Dan and Yaz featured in 6 episodes.
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Doctor Who: Flux. That's the official title of Doctor Who season 13, which will have six episodes and will be released on BBC One, BBC player, and BBC America at the end of this month.

That sneak peek comes after a series of teaser disruptions on BBC broadcasts over the last week, in which the Doctor appeared to interrupt the regularly scheduled programming for a few moments.

Furthermore, it interestingly engages an online fan treasure hunt that led to a glimpse of a new monster with a set of particularly frightening fangs, appropriate for the new series premiere on October 31st, or Halloween.

Characters for Doctor Who Season 13

Here is the official cast that will be playing roles in Doctor Who Season 13.

Apparently, this new season is bringing different sites of aliens and monsters along their way.

To not, some names have been taken off this list to avoid spoiling any surprises, and that Doctor Who: Flux will tell its serialized story over just six episodes, quite a few guest stars will be arriving at the TARDIS either to save or cause destruction.

According to the Den of Geek, here are the names of the casts joining:

Kevin Mcnally. Kevin Mcnally is a writer and director. McNally, a legend of British television, has played characters ranging from former Downing Street press secretary Bernard Ingham on the most current series of The Crown to the original 1970s Poldark series.

In addition to that, the actor had plenty of theater and screen roles, including his recurring role as Joshamee Gibbs, Captain Jack Sparrow's first mate, on Pirates of the Caribbean.

McNally previously appeared in Doctor Who as Hugo Lang in the Sixth Doctor adventure 'The Twin Dilemma' in 1984.

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Robert Bathurst. Robert Bathurst is a familiar actor who we have seen in Toast of London, Downton Abbey, and the Cold Feet revival, to name a few.

When asked about joining the cast of Doctor Who Season 13, he said: "Many people consider Doctor Who to be science fiction. Fiction? No, it's all true, and it's just as terrifying to do as it appears. It's fantastic to be a part of it."

Ashley Scholey. Scholey is most recently seen in the film Bonkers,  the historical drama on Sky BBC legal drama Britannia, The Split, and true-life dramatization The Salisbury Poisonings, which is about the attempted murder of Sergei and Yulia Skripal.

Annabel Scholey is an actress who has appeared in films, such as Being Human and Inspector George Gently.

Blake Harrison. To some, Blake Harrison might always be misinterpreted b the character named Neil whom he played in The Inbetweeners even though he left it almost a decade ago.

However, circumstances are changing now, and a lot of people will see him as the Blake Harrison from The Great and Doctor Who, World of Fire.

Craig Parkinson. Craig Parkinson is a British actor famously known for Line of Duty's DI Matthew 'Dot' Cottan.

Parkinson is a well-known actor who has appeared in both drama and comedy. He has also played characters in Misfits, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Netflix's The English Game, and Sky sci-fi Intergalactic.

You may have also heard his outstanding 'Obsessed With... Line of Duty' podcast, which debuted with the sixth season of the show.

Doctor Who Season 13 trailer

As reported by Cheryl Eddy of Gizmodo, in Doctor Who season 13, Jodie Whittaker's historic run as Doctor Who's lead actress is drawing to a close, but it's not quite time to say goodbye.

Furthermore, a whole adventure to conquer awaits everyone in this season.

After all, she still has a brief but full season of television to look forward to, as well as three additional episodes as she transfers the torch to whoever is next in the role.

Don't get too worked up about the transferring of the torch just yet, because the trailer for her final six-episode season, Doctor Who: Flux, has just dropped.


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