Marvel's 'Eternals' Has Huge Significance: Harry Styles To Appear More On Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel's Eternals Has Huge Significance: Harry Styles To Appear More On Marvel Cinematic Universe
Eternals is the next big film for Marvel Cinematic Universe. Eternals is the movie that took the longest to be launched. However, it will be the MCU's first openly homosexual superhero and the MCU's first deaf superhero. Photo : Jesse Grant/ Getty Images

Since Marvel president Kevin Feige first revealed the cast of "Eternals" in the 2019 Comic-Con, the next superpowered group to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it feels like an eternity has passed.

The world has changed dramatically since then. The movie, which was supposed to be released in theaters last November 2020, has been postponed several times.

Marvel's 'Eternals'

"Eternals" is a film with a ten-character ensemble cast that appears to be a long, thrilling adventure that does everything that fans love about Marvel.

However, if you dig a little deeper, "Eternals" might restructure the entire MCU and introduce some of the most well-known Marvel comic book characters, such as the X-Men.

The president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, has hinted that "Eternals" will contain some pivotal moments for the MCU's future.

Eternals is a race of immortal, super-powered beings created ages ago when the Celestials arrived on Earth and experimented with humanity. They are a group of ancient beings who created the Eternals as well as less-evolved, wicked creatures known as Deviants during their strange experimentation.

The Eternals' mission, like that of any good team of heroes, is to disguise themselves as ordinary citizens in order to safeguard the Earth from the Deviants, their destructive counterparts.

Each Eternal has a distinct ability, yet they can combine their power to form Uni-mind, a powerful entity.

A-listers like Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek star as Thena and Ajak, respectively, alongside familiar faces like Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, and Gemma Chan.

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Impact of 'Eternals' in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The blockbuster film is finally here, and it looks like it'll make a statement with a couple of firsts: the MCU's first openly homosexual superhero and the MCU's first deaf superhero.

It will aggressively face issues of age, sexuality, gender, and race, as well as lay the groundwork for the franchise's future.

According to Screen Rant, in an interview with Chloe Zhao, she described an enormous change "Eternals" will bring to MCU. Even if she can't reveal much, she said, that they knew going in that the film would define the MCU's origins to some part by delving into the mythology of the Celestials, and she know that this would have long-term implications.

Harry Styles in the MCU

Meanwhile, Harry Styles is set to play Thanos' beautiful sibling in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There are numerous possible directions for the Marvel Cinematic Universe's future, but its Celestial Overseers are particularly interested in one: Harry Styles.

The pop icon and actor, according to rumors at the Eternals premiere, appears in one of the film's after-credits scenes.

Eros, an Eternal and Thanos' brother, will be played by the former One Direction member. Eros, like his brother, was born on Titan and is a being of enormous strength, but with the added ability to control the emotions of people, just as how exactly he was created by Jim Starlin and Mike Friedrich in 1973.

He doesn't always use his influence for the greater good as his name suggests, Eros is deeply involved in being a horndog, sometimes to an alarming degree.

When his wicked brother is engaged, however, Eros transforms into a cosmic superhero, assuming the nickname Starfox to fly out to battle.

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