AirPods 3 vs. AirPods Pro: Key Differences, Specs, Design Changes and Video Comparison

AirPods 3 vs. AirPods Pro: Key Differences, Specs, Design Changes and Video Comparison
The comparative difference between the AirPods 3 vs. AirPods Pro. AirPods 3 specs that stand out are its longer battery life and price. While the AirPods Pro specs that stand out is the noise cancellation. Photo : Stephen Lam/ Getty Images

If you're looking for a new pair of AirPods, you now have three options.

After being unveiled during Apple's last presentation on Oct. 18, the $179 third-generation AirPods are available for purchase starting Oct. 26.

Apple's new AirPods have a lot in common with the high-end AirPods Pro. The stems are shorter, and the earpieces are fashioned more like the AirPods Pro's, with the exception that they still have the open design of the earlier model, rather than adjustable tips.

Unlike the standard AirPods, the AirPods 3, which come with free case engraving, also offer spatial audio and are water-resistant.

AirPods Pro specs: Noise Cancellation

One of the main distinct AirPods Pro specs that stands out is noise cancellation.

The key distinction between the new AirPods and the AirPods Pro remains active noise cancellation, which is only available on the more expensive model.

However, as compared to Apple's long-stemmed second-generation AirPods, the new AirPods still provide much better audio with greater bass.

AirPods Pro specs: Silicone Ear Tips

According to CNET, another difference between the AirPods 3 and the AirPods Pro is the AirPods Pro has silicone ear tips.

While there isn't much of a design difference between the two earbuds, there is one significant difference worth mentioning: the AirPods Pro comes with adjustable ear tips that allow for a more secure and pleasant fit.

A tighter-fitting design may appear to be more unpleasant at first, but it actually provides the best bass response because no sound escapes the ear.

The tips are constructed of soft silicone, so being in the ear canal isn't a problem.

Regular AirPods, on the other hand, are more uncomfortable because the tips are composed of rigid plastic that doesn't always sit snugly on the outer section of the ear canal.

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AirPods 3: Battery Life

Furthermore, another great feature of the AirPods 3 is the longer battery life than the AirPods 2, as reported by Macrumors.

There is one apparent area where the AirPods 3 outperform the AirPods Pro, and that is in terms of battery life.

With a six-hour listening time, the AirPods 3 aren't exactly class leaders, but it's a significant improvement over the Pro's 4.5-hour battery life.

Fortunately, both pairs of earphones have a 24-hour charge in the case, so it's a tie there.

So, why do the earphones that are meant to be better have such a limited battery life? It all comes down to active noise canceling, which depletes the battery.

It turns out that the AirPods 3's lack of this capability is what allows them to save battery and last longer.

Price Difference: AirPods 3 vs. AirPods Pro

According to Techradar, when it comes to the price, the AirPods 3 is the clear winner here if you only consider their MSRP or RRP.

They just went on sale for $179, which is much less than the $249 price tag of the AirPods Pro.

However, there's a snag. Because the AirPods Pro has been on the market for a longer time, we've begun to see some fantastic bargains on them, bringing the price down to that of the AirPods 3.

Obviously, this won't be the case every day, but if you're buying during one of the major holidays, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the two earbuds might very well be the same price.


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