Afraid Your Samsung, iPhone Have Virus? 7 Warning Signs Your Phone Is Infected With Virus

Afraid Your Samsung, iPhone Have Virus? 7 Warning Signs Your Phone Is Infected With Virus
If you notice that your phone battery is draining fast or your data usage has increased, it could be signs that your Samsung Galaxy or iPhone has a malware. Photo : zerotake/PIXABAY

Hackers shifted from computers to mobile devices as the digital era progressed. This only means that cell phones could be just as susceptible as a laptop these days. In addition to this, there are warning signs that people should know if their device is infected with viruses and other malwares.

Is Samsung and iPhone Virus Real?

According to AVG, Android devices are vulnerable to different sorts of malware which causes a negative impact on a phone. These viruses range from harmful adware to surveillance apps and even Android ransomware.

One of the reasons why Android phones, Samsung phones for intance, are vulnerable to malware is because it has a difficult time keeping up with updates, which is important since it includes key security fixes for bugs or other vulnerabilities discovered in the operating system (OS).

Additionally, when people get software from third-party sources, they allow the risk of installing malware unintentionally. Moreover, the open-source system, as well as the delayed rollout of updates for Samsung phones, are two major reasons why people should always utilize a strong antivirus solution that serves as an added layer of protection.

On the other hand, iPhones are not prone to a virus compared to Samsung phones, but there are other security risks that iOS users need to be aware of. For instance, Phishing attacks and unreliable Wi-Fi networks are only two of the dangers that might harm Apple devices.

In addition, when iOS users remove the built-in user limitations installed in an iPhone, such as jailbreaking the device, it becomes just as vulnerable to infection as an Android phone.

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7 Warning Signs, Symptoms of Virus-Infected Phone

7. Pop-Up Advertisements From Adware

For those who are not familiar with Adware, it is a sort of malware that attacks the device through an unwanted advertisement. People may have adware on their Android or iPhone if they notice a pop-up ad even when the browser is closed.

Most advertisements may be easily blocked using an adblocker or a privacy-focused browser which includes an ad blocker.

6. App Crashes Frequently

Aside from pop-up advertisements, phones that are crashing frequently and for no apparent cause could also be a symptom that a device is infected with malware.

5. Data Usage Has Increased

If the phone data usage suddenly increases, it could be a sign that malware is conducting background tasks on a device as well as sending information or background data from the phone. Through this, people must remove the phone virus to help them keep track of their actual mobile data usage.

4. Spam Messages Are Sent to Friends

A virus can also take over the messaging service of the device and send infected links to people in the contact list.

3. Unfamiliar Apps Installed in the Phone

On Android phones, unfamiliar apps installed in the phone are a common symptom of infection and it should be deleted right away. By installing a trusted anti-malware phone scanner, viruses can be removed easily.

2. Battery Drains More Quickly

Malware can consume a lot of energy and it drains the battery on an Android or iPhone faster than usual.

1. Phone Overheats Frequently

Lastly, if a phone overheats more frequently, a malware invasion is a possibility.

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