Apple iOS 15.2 Beta Find My App: How to Find Items That Are Tracking Your Location

Apple iOS 15.2 Beta Find My App: How to Find Items That Are Tracking Your Location
Apple iOS 15.2 beta is rolling out now, with much better upgrades. Apple’s Find my app allows users to track items that can track me and you. With that, here are the following steps on how to use Find My app.
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Apple added new features to the Find My app in iOS 15.2 beta, along with the ability to search for items that could be used to monitor users' location.

"Items That Can Track Me" is the name of the new Unknown Items feature, and when turned on, this will scan the area for anything and everything that belongs to someone else and notifies the user, and also items that can track them.

If an AirTag or other Find My-enabled item is found, Apple will offer users far more information about the item as well as advice on how to deactivate it so that it can no longer track.

How To Use The Find My App

The methods below will guide you on how to enable the feature in iOS 15.2 as recommended by MacRumors.

It's worth noting that objects can only be detected if they're not within 50 meters of their owner's devices.

  • On your iPhone, open the Find My app.

  • At the bottom of the screen, select the Items tab.

  • To show more alternatives, drag the items card farther up into the screen using the little pill-shaped handle.

  • Select Items That Can Track Me from the drop-down menu.

  • Select the Search option.

  • Check at the "Items Detected Near You" list, and if a gadget is found, select it to learn more.

  • If it was an AirTag, users can use Play Sound to pinpoint its location even more precisely. Users can also click Learn More About This AirTag to see if the owner has provided contact information in the event that the item is misplaced. Select Instructions to Disable AirTag and follow the directions to remove the battery if users wish to disable the AirTag so it can't track anyone.

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Find My App By Apple's iOS 15.2 Beta

Users may monitor their missing devices with AirTags and objects with Find My integration, however, there have been fears that AirTags could be put on persons for stalking purposes.

Apple has developed many safety safeguards to avoid tracking with AirTags and other products.

AirTags are programmed to begin playing a sound within eight and 24 hours after being away from their user, and iPhone users are notified if an AirTag is in their possession.

The tech giant is also developing an Android app that will recognize an unfamiliar AirTag or Find My network-enabled item, preventing AirTags from using it to track Android users.

Apple's Hide My Email in iOS 15.2 beta

Furthermore, according to 9To5Mac, there is also Hide My Email in the new iOS 15.2 beta.

"Hide My Email" was first released as part of iOS 15 and macOS Monterey earlier this year, and it allows users to produce unique email addresses to log in to apps and websites in order to preserve their privacy.

The Mail app in iOS 15.2 and iPadOS 15.2 takes this capability to the next level. This implies that users can press the "From" section in the Mail app and select the "Hide My Email" option.

Apple claims that doing so will generate a random address that redirects to your inbox.


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