Is Your Samsung S21 Freezing, Crashing After Update? 3 Steps to Fix Major Issue

Is Your Samsung S21 Freezing, Crashing After Update? 3 Steps to Fix Major Issue
After an update to a Samsung device, a user complained about Samsung S21 Freezing and crashing problems. The Samsung S21 crashing will be resolved in these 3 easy ways.

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After installing an update on their Samsung device, a user complained about Samsung S21 freezing and crashing problems.

The user also shared the same sentiments as other users.

The user said via the Samsung forum: "Two updates in the past couple months have messed my phone up. The first one made my entire screen go black, I couldn't do anything to it and had to take time off work to drive 45 mins away to have it fixed. I'm thankful of the year warranty for covering it. This newest update has now started freezing videos in various apps."

The user further stated that they did a factory reset, but it did nothing to solve the "annoying" issue.

Finally, the user concluded that there is a bug on the new update and asked the tech giant to fix it and "leave [it] well enough alone."

With that, here are the recommended action steps to take to undo the Samsung S21 freezing according to Samsung.

Samsung S21 Freezing

It can be really stressful when a phone freezes or crashes.

The good news is that this is most likely fixable without sending the phone in for repair. Simple measures, such as rebooting and updating the program, are just a few of the things users may do to avoid future freezes and crashes.

How To Fix Samsung S21 Crashing

First, check your phone's battery life. 

Check to see if the users' phone has enough battery life.

Check that the phone is at least 5% charged. The phone may not turn on after the reboot if the battery is below 5%.

A completely depleted phone should be charged for at least 15 minutes with the included wall charger.

Second, restart your phone.

Depending on the phone a user has, rebooting it will be a little different.

For devices with a Power key, simultaneously press and hold the Volume Down and Power keys for about 10 seconds.

For devices having a Side key, simultaneously press and hold the Volume down and Side key for about 10 seconds.

Third, Normal Boot is the option to choose.

Users should be able to use their phones normally now.

Use the Volume keys to go through the options if the Maintenance mode screen appears. Then, to select Normal Boot, hit the Power or Bixby keys.

However, if these steps failed to fix the Samsung S21 crashing and freezing, users should try to update their Samsung Galaxy device or Samsung tablet, as advised by Samsung.

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How to update your Galaxy phone or tablet

Manually download updates.

  1. Navigate to and open Settings on your device.

  2. Swipe to a Software update or System updates, then tap. It will differ depending on the model.

  3. Choose from two options: Download and install or check for system updates. If an update is available, it will begin downloading automatically, however certain devices may require you to press Download Now.

  4. When the download is complete, install the update by following the on-screen instructions.

Smart Switch can also be used to check for updates.

It will show the last time the phone or tablet checked for updates. To download an update, users must be connected to the internet.

Whether you're having problems, make sure your device has enough space.

  • Before installing a software update, make sure the phone or tablet is connected to the internet and has a battery charge of at least 50%.

  • Some carriers will not allow you to update using mobile data unless you have access to a Wi-Fi network.

  • Learn how to get out of a boot loop if an error occurs during a software update and your phone or tablet continues restarting.

  • If your phone or tablet is running out of storage, you can use Device Care to free up some space. Users can also use Smart Switch or your Samsung or Google account to back up other files.

After the update, check your phone or tablet.

If you had problems before the software update, try using your phone or tablet normally to check if the issue has been resolved.


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