Black Friday Tech Deals: Tips to Remember in Buying Laptops, Gaming Gadgets With Huge Discounts

Tech Deals for Black Friday: Things to Remember in Getting that Big Bargain
Here are things you should remember before you snag that incredibly low-priced device on Black Friday. Photo : CardMapr/Unsplash

Black Friday is just days away and for sure, getting that best bargain for tech stuff is on top of your holiday list.

But before surging to your favorite store or online retailer to get that awesome deal, you need to know these important tips to avoid ending up in the raw end.

Don't Wait for Black Friday, Purchase Your Desired Item Now

First, you must not wait till Black Friday. Purchase that item right away, Yahoo! Finance noted. People usually put off their purchases until Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Retailers have achieved impressive sales in the current year, and as such, snagging that coveted device seem hard to resist with Black Friday deals already available. But with the pandemic disrupting the global supply chain as demand for gadgets has risen exponentially, the ongoing chip shortage could last well into 2022 at the earliest.

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Because of this, there is no guarantee that the item you want will be readily available come Black Friday. This means buyers must not wait for the shopping holiday and should start their bargain hunt early, if not now.

Check the Specs When Buying PCs, Laptops on Black Friday

As for computers and laptops, buyers should be extra careful and meticulous in choosing what to purchase. Even with their shockingly low prices, these systems could be underpowered and need to be replaced soon. Those cheap computers and laptops would likely become outdated soon if they are not already.

But this doesn't mean you won't be able to snag that good laptop or desktop at an incredibly low price during Black Friday. There should be solid units out there, if you'd really take a good look at the specs that should offer at least a good amount of random access memory, storage space, and processor (preferably 8GB-16GB RAM, Core i5, 250-320GB to 640GB HDD). But to use this as a gaming system, you need to ramp the specs up further. As such, buyers must just ignore those super low, blockbuster deals, which could only offer a not-so-ideal laptop or desktop on sale.

Gamers, Don't Keep Your Hopes Up in Snagging that Elusive Console

If you are part of the deluge of hunters for game console restocks, Black Friday may not offer that opportunity to get that elusive PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X or Series S or Nintendo Switch OLED, Yahoo! Finance further said. The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles have been difficult to come by ever since they were launched in 2020. The current chip shortage and supply chain woes made things worse.

However, retailers such as Walmart and Target will reportedly have gaming consoles online on Black Friday. But to keep your expectations in check, you will go against everyone else in fighting to get a limited supply of consoles. As such, don't keep your hopes up.

Go for Earbuds, Headphones on Black Friday

The most solid buy on Black Friday are those innovative headphones. Prices would certainly drop for those earbuds you yearned for the whole year or those superb over-the-head headphones, even those carrying such technology as active noise cancelling. In-demand items, such as the latest Apple AirPods, Google Pixel Buds, and Samsung Galaxy Buds are everywhere in the holiday shopping season and you could get the best buy in your search.

Huge discounts for Apple, Google, Samsung flagships

With the latest offerings from smartphone makers, such as Apple, Google, and Samsung, recently released buying that mouth-watering next generation phone should be a priority come Black Friday. Some of these top manufacturers have offered discounts of up to $1000 for their devices, with the iPhone 13 at $449 off on pre-paid kits, the Google Pixel 6 also at $449 off at select stores, and the huge discounts for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.

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