'GTA Trilogy' Cheat Guide: 15 Best Cheats You Should Try Now

'GTA Trilogy' Cheat Guide: 15 Best Cheats You Should Try Now
Now that "GTA Trilogy" is two weeks old, it's time to bring out the best cheat codes in the game. Photo : Cate Gillon/Getty Images

Now that "GTA Trilogy" is two weeks old, it's time to bring out the best cheat codes in the game. Gamers who played the originals should know that not all previously used cheats are active in the game. Some "GTA Trilogy" cheats are exclusive to this installment.

Many gamers take advantage of "Grand Theft Auto" cheats to spice up the experience. Two of the most common hacks used are money and health regeneration. Other dynamic players use are gravity-defying super jumps or summoning vehicles from the skies. Imagination is the limit when it comes to "GTA" cheats.

However, players should keep in mind a few important reminders for "GTA" cheats, especially on their functions and limitations.

How to Use 'GTA: The Trilogy' Cheats

Before activating a cheat, players are recommended to always save their game. Many cheats disable missions in-game, so players can't hack their way through game progress. To emphasize, cheats are used for fun and thrill, and they cannot be used when playing to progress mission scenarios.

Saving the game means players can always reload the game after they have their fun. Luckily, players can save at any moment by going to the pause menu.

To activate a cheat, players simply have to type in the code while playing the game. A pop-up notification should appear saying "Cheat activated" on the top left corner of the screen. Players can launch multiple cheats at the same time.

Keep in mind that the cheat will not activate if it is typed in on the pause screen or game menu. Players have to type the cheat fast to activate it. If it does not activate immediately, try typing faster!

Typing it once will activate the cheat. Typing it the second time will deactivate the cheat. But be warned, deactivating a cheat does not always restore game mission progress, so it would be best to reload from the save file.

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15 Best Cheats on 'GTA: The Trilogy'

As previously mentioned, not all the cheats on the original "GTA 3," "Vice City," and "GTA: San Andreas" will activate in "GTA Trilogy." Fortunately, PCgamer listed out 15 handy cheats tested and active on the latest "GTA" installment.

'Grand Theft Auto 3'

  • GESUNDHEIT: 100 percent health regeneration
  • GUNSGUNSGUNS: Unlock all weapons
  • MOREPOLICEPLEASE: Increase Wanted level by one star
  • CHITTYCHITTYBB: Flying vehicle

'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City'

  • ASPIRINE: 100 percent health regeneration
  • NUTTERTOOLS: Unlock advanced weapons
  • PANZER: Spawn tank
  • AIRSHIP: Flying boats
  • BIGBANG: Explode all nearby vehicles

'Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas'

  • INEEDSOMEHELP: Full health, armor, and $250,000
  • KANGAROO: Super jumps
  • NOONECANHURTME: Immunity to guns and fire
  • SPEEDFREAK: Cars have nitro
  • BUBBLECARS: Cars float away when hit

For reference, here are some cheats that do not work on 'GTA Trilogy' remaster

  • ANICESETOFWHEELS (GTA 3): Invisible cars
  • PROGRAMMER (GTA: Vice City): Thin arms or legs
  • HOPINGIRL (GTA: Vice City): Make pedestrians ride the car
  • IWANNADRIVEBY (GTA: San Andreas): Full weapons aiming at vehicles

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