Frustrated Your iPhone 13 Battery Is Draining Too Fast? 5 Ways to Fix

Frustrated Your iPhone 13 Battery Draining Too Fast? 5 Ways to Fix
Does your iPhone 13 battery drain too fast recently? Luckily, there are five ways to prevent it from occurring. Photo : Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Does your iPhone 13 battery drain too fast recently? Luckily, there are five ways to prevent it from occurring.

iPhone 13 Battery Life

In case the battery life on your iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro begins to drain quickly, there are several actions that you should perform before contacting Apple support.

Although there are not a lot of complaints regarding the iPhone 13's battery life, some customers have reported that their phone's battery is depleting faster than it should be, per Gotta Be Mobile.

Slash Gear added that disabling technologies like 5G can solve a lot of the problems with the iPhone 13's battery. 5G connection is great, but staying connected requires a little more energy than LTE.

Furthermore, because the service is not as widely available as LTE in many cases, some users may benefit from turning it off entirely.

Aside from turning off the 5G entirely, there are still other ways to prevent iPhone 13's battery from draining too fast.

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5 Ways to Prevent iPhone 13 Battery from Draining Too Fast

5. Reboot the Apple Device

Restarting your iPhone 13 is one of the simplest ways to solve the issue.

You may restart your iPhone 13 by pressing and holding the power and volume down buttons at the same time.

By doing this, it clears the presently utilized RAM and closes any apps that may have been open and running in the background.

4. Update the iPhone

Apple publishes latest iPhone software updates on a regular basis.

Point updates are mainly focused on bug repairs, whereas milestone upgrades are normally a combination of new features and bug fixes.

Although Apple may not specifically mention battery life adjustments in an iOS update's change report, new firmware can aid battery concerns.

3. Uninstall Battery-Draining Apps

Apple has made it very easy to identify which apps are consuming the most battery life on your phone.

To check your battery use, go to the Settings menu on your iPhone 13 then select Battery. From there, you can see when your phone was last fully charged, as well as which apps have been consuming the battery in the background.

Apps with background refresh, such as Google Maps and Apple Maps, will frequently be at the top of this list.

Apart from these apps, if you have a lot of games on your iPhone, you could also see it at the top of iPhone 13 battery settings as well. You may pick each application to view additional details about it, such as how much on-screen and background battery it consumed.

2. Turn on Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode in iOS 15 helps you save your iPhone 13 battery life by turning off applications that drain it, which may be turned on and off at any time.

In the said mode, the operating system will remind you to do so when your iPhone's battery level drops below 20 percent.

1. Fix iPhone 13's Location Tracking Settings

Changing the location settings on your iPhone 13 is another effective method to conserve battery life.

When you first install a new app, it should ask you whether you want to allow it to access your location while you're using it, all the time, or never.

If you allow applications to utilize your location all the time, it can continuously monitor your phone's location to follow your movements and collect data about the locations you visit.

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