Wordle App for iPhone, Android? They Are Fake, Scam Apps!

Wordle App for iPhone, Android? They Are Fake, Scam Apps!
For those who have downloaded the Worlde game on their device, numerous reports stated that the Wordle app for iPhone and Android are fake apps. Photo : FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP via Getty Images

For those who have downloaded the Worlde game on their device, numerous reports stated that the popular word game for iPhone and Android are fake apps.

Wordle App for iPhone and Android: Scam Apps?

According to How-To Geek, the Wordle game is one of the trendyiest games at the moment.

As the Wordle game becomes more popular, numerous ad-filled copycats started popping up to duplicate the said word-guessing game. Moreover, it is also worth noting that it has no official game application.

Interested gamers can only play the said game through its official website.

To emphasize, the Wordle app found on both App Store and Google Play Store is not the original game. This only means that people who may have downloaded the app must uninstall the said game to prevent scammers. However, that doesn't mean they will be used to scam people, but for those looking to play the original and legitimate game, there is no app for it as of present time.

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Wordle Game

Despite the rise of popularity in mobile games, it appears that Wordle is bringing back browser-based entertainments.

For those who do not know, Wordle is a free in-browser game that works on both personal desktop computers and mobile devices, per GameRant. Players are given six chances to determine the correct word based on their prior guesses in the puzzle game. It requires participants to work out one word every day.

The game is simple, easy to play and strangely addictive, and it has become one of the most talked-about topics on social media in the last month.

Despite the fact that it was introduced internationally last October, Wordle went from 90 daily players last November to over 300,000 on January 2. Surprisingly, the said game has reached 2 million players last weekend.

Wardle, a software developer living in Brooklyn who is originally from Wales, started to feel overwhelmed by the response as its popularity has grown on social media, per The Guardian.

Moreover, the developer stated that the game's popularity does not feel great.

"I feel a sense of responsibility for the players. I feel I really owe it to them to keep things running and make sure everything's working correctly," Wardle continued on The Guardian.

He added that he finds comfort from the fact that his game has provided joy to others during a difficult time.

Wordle's widespread success may appear to be a classic internet mystery, but there are a few important characteristics of the game that contribute to its worldwide popularity.

How to Play Wordle Game

The most evident element in its success is that Wordle is easy to use.

To play the game, a player only needs to go to their phone, tablet or computer's search bar and enter in "Wordle."

Players can begin entering their words into the five-letter boxes by clicking on the first page. In addition to this, there is no advertising in the game, and it is 100 percent free.

Author of How To Be A Games User Researcher Steve Bromley also told The Guardian that the rules were also straightforward for individuals who spent up playing word games like Scrabble or code-breaking games like Mastermind.

Wordle paired this familiarity with the potential to demonstrate mastery and increase overall performance, resulting in a "flow state" for players.

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