'Among Us' Manga Release Date, Where to Buy; Will It Be Released in the US?

'Among Us' Manga Release Date, Where to Buy; Will It Be Released in the US?
Innersloth made the announcement to its fans on Twitter, stating that Among Us manga will be released in April this year. Photo : Casey Sykes

The developers of "Among Us", Innersloth, recently tweeted that "Among Us" manga will be released soon. The game has created a one-shot manga feature adaptation in Shogakukan's Bessatsu Corocoro magazine. The manga release date will be in April 2022.

However, further details about the author, storyline, and plot haven't been revealed.

As the world collectively experienced the pandemic, "Among Us" was one of the games that reached its peaked in popularity. The video game was played by millions of players around the world.

'Among Us' Manga

As reported by Comicbook, the recent surprise of "Among Us" to its fans went live today H2 Interactive overseas. The new surprise the game is brewing to their audience was spotted on the Twitter page, as it has been seen uploading an image with a teaser about one of manga's top magazines.

The fans took to Twitter to express their excitement and spread the buzz, with that, Innersloth posted on Twitter to confirm the "Among Us" manga with a one-shot on its way. Innersloth tweeted "Surprise...Among Us will have a 1 shot manga feature in Bessatsu Corocoro magazine on April 2022."

Unfortunately, there hasn't been much information regarding the "Among Us" manga, although the fans are eager to see what's next for their favorite video game.

In the meantime, there are no plans to continue the one-shot just yet. However, this might change depending on how the audience will react to it. If the response is positive, more may follow, which would undoubtedly excite gaming lovers.

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'Among Us' in the Pandemic

"Among Us" is one of the many games in 2020 that has changed the gaming community in a different way.

Multiple streamers hopped on the social deduction game change, and with doing so, some had found extreme success in finding their own audience and it gave an opportunity to some streamers to jump-start their careers.

However, two years under the pandemic, streamers aren't as interested in playing "Among Us" as they once were.

Even while the game's stream category has nearly 12 million Twitch followers, Innersloth is still working hard to improve its surprise hit.

With that, it has seen some substantial updates in recent months, including the addition of new player roles that were previously only available through mods.

"Among Us", set the standard bar for themselves really high due to its extreme sky-rocketing popularity in 2020 that even the necessary update releases will not compare to what it previously has.

Despite the updates and a few new upgrades, the game hasn't been back in the center stage of Twitch's front page on the daily, although they do testify to Innersloth's growing passion for the franchise.

Furthermore, according to Gamerant, Innersloth appears to be motivated to advertise and diversify it in unusual but intriguing ways, based on a few of the products that the studio is now working on.

As Innersloth works to make the game as popular as it once was, that excitement could skyrocket in the coming months. The game could restore a large portion of its cultural capital by 2022, most especially with the "Among Us" Manga USA.

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