Musician Prince Death Due To Drug Abuse? Singer Dies With No Will

The death of the music legend Prince took the world by storm. Many had cried and felt sorry for the passing of one of the industry's hero. And yes, fans want to know the reason behind this unfortunate event. So what killed the famous artist? Does it have anything do with substance abuse?

According to CBS News, the music icon was believed to have taken prescription medicines (painkillers, in particular) ever since. In fact, reports state that the said drugs were found on his day of death.

Although there is every possibility of the painkillers playing a huge role in Prince's death, law enforcement cannot simply prove it as of now. Pat Milton, the senior investigative producer in charge of the case, said that they are looking to every angle including the probable drug abuse.

The titular 57-year-old singer was found dead at his recording studio in Paisley Park. An autopsy was already conducted by the officials on Friday and the results are expected to arrive in the following weeks.

Meanwhile, Prince appears to have no will and thus, as reported by The New York Times, immediate business decisions must be taken. Kevin Eide, a judge from Minnesota, has already assigned the corporate trust company Bremer Trust to oversee the musician's multimillion-dollar property for the time being.

It was Prince's sister Tyka Nelson, 55 of age, who revealed about the singer-songwriter not having a spouse, children and even living parents. However, Nelson has no knowledge of whether or not Prince has a will.

Judge Eide clarified that the information regarding the identities and exact locations of Prince's supposed heirs be distinguished. Nelson, Prince's only known full sibling, requested for such steps to be taken, especially with Prince not reportedly having a will.

The said judge stated that the singer's death is deemed as "intestate," which means that he has no existing valid will. Nonetheless, anyone could still approach with either a trust document or will - something that happened with Michael Jackson's death in June 2009.

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