Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Wants US First In Everything

Donald Trump is still ahead in the U.S. presidential race. Now, he is taking the center stage, claiming that he can put "America first" in his foreign policy.

In his latest speech, Republican presidential candidate clamored his desire to make the great United States first in everything. And, as reported by CNN, this is only a part of what Americans would expect from his administration.

Also, Donald Trump aims to inaugurate firm leadership credentials a notch higher than the near-possible general election clash with Democrat Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State.

From making the U.S. military a formidable force to the immediate annihilation of the Islamic State, Donald Trump vows to take such steps in order for the country to become great once again. He even plans to remove trade deals that he thought of as the country's handcuffs.

Under his administration, the needs of the American people will be of utmost importance. That they will be attended to firstly, not secondarily "to the citizens of foreign countries."

The New York Times notes that Donald Trump will deliver an intelligible and consistent foreign policy based on the interest of the country's people as well as its allies.

Speaking of allies, Trump went on to explain how he does not intend to "go abroad in search of enemies." Instead, the country under his administration will be more than happy by the thought of making old enemies as friends. "We want to bring peace to the world," he said.

For Trump, the U.S. should remove itself from all nation-building businesses. Instead, he plans to bring the country into a process of creating global stability.

Although his declaration of strategies seems believable, Donald Trump fails to elaborate on how he plans to deliver them. His lack of specifics and continuity, among others, have made some to believe that he was all but promises.

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