Android Marshmallow For AT&T Uncertain, Arrives For Samsung Handsets

It is no secret that Android 6.0, also known as Android Marshmallow, has arrived. And sure, smartphone users have been dying to get hold of the said update. However, among the three big players in the industry, only the AT&T has yet to join the rally.

According to Geeky Gadgets, AT&T's HTC One M8 and One M9 has yet to acquire the Android Marshmallow update, as their networks were hit by further delays. It was HTC's Mo Versi who revealed via social media the news, stating that the delay was due to the new operating system that the company is rolling out.

On his tweet, Versi said that, "there's been a slight delay on M OS." The good news, however, is that they are looking at an approval within a couple of weeks.

Although Versi did not go into details, it is safe to say that the root cause could be due to an update issue, which they figured out when Android Marshmallow came. Nonetheless, with the said timeline, carriers can expect Android Marshmallow to reside in their handsets as soon as it is greenlit.

Meanwhile, Android Marshmallow has arrived in Samsung A5 and A7, as well as the titular Galaxy Tab S2 9.7, as reported by NeuroGadget. For the A5 and A7 device owners, their smarthphones are readily geared toward the Android Marshmallow update; thus, they should not be worrying about any incompatibility.

As for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7, the Android Marshmallow update will be released specifically for the T815 model (the one with a 4G LTE Connectivity feature). The Android Marshmallow update kickstarted in Germany and Italy, though only for the unlocked versions of the tablet.

Reports have it that the Android Marshmallow update will soon be made available throughout other European countries in the following weeks. For those who are in the U.S. as well as other regions in the globe, they can expect Android Marshmallow to be rolled out via their carriers in a month's time.

As of this writing, the Android Marshmallow update for the smaller Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 remains uncertain. Although there could be a possible update in May, the Korean Tech giant remains mum about the device's future.

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