Amazon AI Assistant Alexa Integrates With Entertainment Channel SyFy

When Amazon brought Alexa, an AI assistant, to the world, it gave users a whole new kind of experience. And now, the company is aiming to reach more boundaries -- particularly, the entertainment horizon, thanks to SyFy.

According to Tech Times, SyFy is the very first entertainment network to be integrated to Alexa. Amazon aims to provide its users a better and more engaging experience than before.

It should be noted that Amazon has since been hoping for third parties to tap into Alexa, anticipating the possibility of developing products that will utilize the popular voice-controlled AI assistant. In fact, they have been encouraging others to customize Alexa's capabilities and skills in a way that it would provide a more convenient interaction between the user and the software.

Fortunately, SyFy entered the scene -- the entertainment channel combined forces with Amazon's Alexa, delivering a fresh and exciting user experience. With this integration, users can easily have access to exclusive news and topics about SyFy's shows in just a simple voice command.

Modern Readers, on the other hand, notes that Amazon has yet to define the upcoming features that will emerge from the integration of Alexa and SyFy (except of course of the aforementioned). Nonetheless, it sure can go a long way -- from knowing when the next episode of a particular series to having access to a certain day's show schedules.

The newly established relationship between Alexa and SyFy could surely open more possibilities in the future. As soon as the integration proves a success, people can expect Amazon to enhance the integration. So, yes. Having a look-see at teasers of upcoming episodes is highly possible through Alexa.

With SyFy teaming up with Alexa, it only proves the endless possibilities of achieving a much better and more enhanced user experience in the days to come.

Note: Users must use an Alexa-powered device in order for them to take advantage of the new functionality.

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