New 'Quantum Break' PC Update Fixes Game Exit, Graphic Issue And More

"Quantum Break" is among the highly celebrated video games nowadays. However, when its PC version was released, it came with lots of issues -- from poor performance to the lack of an exit button. But now, a new update for the game has been released in hopes to fix numerous game issues.

According to Kotaku, Remedy Entertainment has just released a massive 27GB "Quantum Break" update. It is expected to resolve almost all underlying issues. It now has an option for gamers to exit the game, which is something that can only be done in the past by right clicking the game in the task bar.

The new "Quantum Break" update also brings forth new graphic upgrades, particularly the artistic film grain effect and the optional upscaling. With these, gamers will not be having a problem running the game, say, at a 1920 x 1080 resolution while getting a frame rate per second of 60.

The Unicode issues are fixed, too; hence, users will be able to launch the game without anything to worry. In fact, they can now switch between window mode and full screen, thanks to the Alt+Enter feature being enabled.

The new update has also provided some adjustments to "Quantum Break's" pathing problems, collision and audio features, as noted by Tech Times. As for the crashing issues, the problem is believed to have rooted from the poor memory management. The only catch, however, is that for such issue to be addressed, Microsoft has to provide an update specifically designed for Windows 10.

"Quantum Break" gamers are guaranteed that Microsoft is fully aware of the situation and will work on ways to provide a quick fix. The said crash is said to be expected from users with higher game settings.

Below are just some of updates as well as fixes for the "Quantum Break" PC version:

  • Fixes for some keyboard inputs issues
  • A fix on both aspect ratio and full screen scaling for resolutions that are outside 16:9
  • Added fix for refresh rate and frame rate problems
  • Reorganized unlock definitions for both Will Diary 1 and 2
  • Fixed issues with in-game credits

A fix on screen resolution issues when users switch from full screen mode to windowed mode and vice versa.

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