'Dawn Of War' III Gameplay & News: Announcement Trailer, In-Game Screenshots Released

If there is one game that every gamer has been waiting for, it is no other than "Warhammer 40,000: Dawn Of War III." And finally, the most-anticipated third installment from the highly celebrated real-time strategy video game franchise has arrived! The announcement trailer for the upcoming game has been released too!

"Dawn Of War III" brings players to the never-ending horrors of space warfare. They will be in charge of leading a unit of elite heroes, as well as massive armies in hopes to achieve the long-awaited victory. Well, the game is definitely worth waiting for.

The upcoming game is founded based on 12 years of explosive gameplay, as noted by ComingSoon. "Dawn Of War III" is a result of the successful combination of "Dawn Of War" and "Dawn Of War II," the latter being the customization, as well as elite heroes, while the first installment being the origins.

In the announcement trailer, Relic Entertainment teased the fans and gamers alike with what appears to be a formidable force from the Orks, Eldar and Space Marines. The three are all loaded and ready for battle, plummeting into the depths and darkness of the unending war.

PC Gamer, on the other hand, has unveiled the first three in-game screenshots. And without a doubt, they are exactly what fans could expect from the series. But of course, the graphics have been boosted, quite far from what it used to look like in 2009. The said screenshots also confirmed the appearance of super-walkers, who are tasked to hold the front lines.

Referring to the announcement trailer, Relic's executive producer Stephen McDonald says that the third installment is the kind of game that "fans have been waiting for." That fans should be ready for the "biggest Dawn Of War yet."

The game is expected to be at the E3, which will be held next month. However, it will not be released until next year.

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