'God Of War 4' Update: Thor To Replace Kratos As Sony Aims To Revive Franchise?

When talking about the "God of War" franchise as well as its future, it is impossible not to include Kratos. After all, he is the face of the series. However, it seems the fictional Spartan warrior will be taking the backseat, as many believe it is about time he puts his armor and weapons down. Does this mean that "God of War 4" will not include the highly favored hero?

Sure, Kratos is the icon of the franchise -- there is no doubt about it. However, when it comes to having new ideas (something that fans would really love to have), introducing a new face in the series is quite interesting. Surprisingly, rumor has it that "God of War 4" might involve a new protagonist.

In fact, early reports suggest that the new "God of War" installment will include the Norse gods Odin, Loki and Thor -- the latter being the new protagonist. And although this should be taken as such, there are those who believe that removing Kratos from the series is actually a great idea for Sony to consider.

According to Kotaku, the third installment was nothing but a mere ending to the mythos that revolve around Kratos. Also, gamers have sensed the said character reaching the tail end of his journey.

Although it is definitely hard to see "God of War 4" without the Spartan Warrior -- after all, the character has successfully established himself as the face of the franchise -- introducing new characters (or even perhaps a new protagonist) is still a feasible idea. After all, doing such is a perfect way to revive a series that has been in the industry for quite some time now.

International Business Times, on the other hand, reports that "God of War 4" might take the center stage in the upcoming Sony E3 2016. The only catch, however, is that Kratos is still part of it -- only, he will find himself in the middle of the Norse realm.

As long as Sony will not release any official announcement or whatsoever, expect fans to continue speculating. Whether or not Kratos will be part of the new installment, "God of War 4" is still a great game to have.

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