'Doom' Gameplay Review: Exceptional Visuals But Nothing Extraordinary

The latest first-person shooter video game "Doom" courtesy of Bethesda has finally arrived. While many will agree that it has exceptional visuals and gameplay, there are few who say that it fails to recapture the beauty of the previous games.

It holds true that the new "Doom" game features the kind of gameplay that its predecessors have offered. From fighting demons and avoiding fireballs -- everything just seems to be like the original. Sadly, according to Thurott, it is not fun anymore.

Simply put, the game's failure to surpass its predecessors, albeit having good graphics, makes it boring. If gamers get killed, they tend to go back much further as they simply cannot save their place arbitrarily -- just like the old "Doom" games.

If they want health, ammo packs and armor sets, they can acquire them in a haste as they are liberally placed in the game's environment -- again, something that the original games have. As for the levels, the more difficult they are, the more number of demons players have to fight -- nothing more, nothing less.

Although applauds can be given to id Software and Bethesda for delivering such a wonderful franchise, the new "Doom" game, in particular, still fails to raise the bar. Yes, it has some exceptional features, but overall, it is simply but a nod to past installments.

In related news, TweakTown reports that the game was tested on both Xbox One and Playstation 4, with the latter being the better one. "Doom" can basically run at 1080p 60FPS on the said platforms, but it seems the Xbox One version fluctuates at times.

Nonetheless, the game's setting allows gamers to play around with the graphics -- from motion blur to field of view to chromatic aberration. Lastly, the loading times in the aforementioned consoles are quite bad, with an average of 15 seconds between levels.

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