'Fallout 4: Far Harbor' Guide: Here Is How To Conquer The New DLC

"Fallout 4" is definitely an addictive game, with players spending lots and lots of hours playing it. And with the release of "Fallout 4: Far Harbor," the titular action role-playing video game from Bethesda is just getting bigger and better -- from exploring new territories to acquiring cool gears and weapons. However, getting into the new DLC is not an easy task; hence, a useful guide will come handy.

According to GameRanx, "Fallour 4: Far Harbor" takes fans and gamers alike to a very unfamiliar location. The vast island, albeit being a house of horrors, is something that players would love to explore. After all, it is where awesome stuff such as the Marine Armor and Harpoon Gun are located.

However, for "Fallout 4" players to experience the excitement and thrill that "Far Harbor" offers, they have to have a companion in the name of Nick Valentine, the so-called Synth detective. Acquiring him, however, is synonymous to multiple tasks.

First, the "Getting a Clue" quest, which is only possible if and/or once the "Unlikely Valentine" journey is done, must be completed. Second, players need to have the "Fallout 4: Far Harbor" expansion through download. Third, they have to double-check if the "Add-ons" (located in the game's main menu) is installed. Lastly, they have to load their character, open pip-boy and choose the "Valentine's Detective Agency Radio." It should be noted that the latter automatically runs the "Far From Home" quest, allowing them to reach the "Far Harbor" destination.

"Fallout 4" fans must always bear in mind that "Far Harbor" is polluted with thick layers of fog, which is believed to be a result of some kind of a radiation. Hence, as advised by Attack of the Fanboy, it would be best to either equip the Hazmat Suit or the Power Armor.

While there is no doubt that players can successfully surpass the challenges of "Fallout 4: Far Harbor" DLC, the island is best experienced when explored. And it really holds true, as this is by far Bethesda's biggest landmass -- the number of things to do is as big as the DLC's size.

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