Verizon Strike Update: How Reliable Is The Tentative Deal; Union Workers Can Finally Be At Ease?

Recent news and updates regarding the Verizon strike may bode well as reports of the strike say that it has ended. It appears that a deal has been reached between the company and the union workers. However, with the strike ending, notions of the tentative deal and its reliability arise as well as the notions of the union workers finally at ease with development escalate.

After six weeks, a tentative deal was reached on Friday between Verizon and the two unions representing nearly 40,000 striking workers, from Massachusetts to Virginia, to get people back to work, and winning big gains for workers, reports The Inquistr.

It appears that after the meet up, the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) were able to discuss a 4-year contract that will need to be ratified by the members of both unions, as further noted by the same post.

Looking back, it is undeniable that the Verizon strike has affected not only the union workers but it has crippled other entities as well. It has even pushed the White House to intervene. iTech Post formerly shared on how the union workers were ready to prolong the strike until their call for change is met.

According to the same post, the union workers will not give up, and strikers will prolong the agony until Verizon offers a fair deal. As talks were underway, many were insinuating that the strike would end sooner than expected -- and indeed, it had.

Nevertheless, although a fair deal was struck, it remains uncertain on how strong the tentative deal truly is and on whether it can meet the expectations the Verizon strikers have demanded. Along that line, as the Verizon Strike ended, many are hoping that the unrest and uncertainties of the union workers would finally be put at ease.

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