Verizon Strike 2016 Update: Union Workers, Strikers Prolong Agony Until Verizon Offers A Fair Deal; Strike To End Soon?

It remains uncertain on which side of the table will win the battle. Recent news and updates regarding Verizon and the strike of the union workers continue to dominate the headlines. It stands to reason that the union workers will not give up, and strikers will prolong the agony until Verizon offers a fair deal. However, as talks are underway, many are insinuating that the strike will end sooner than expected.

Verizon has been in the bargaining table before with the unions, and now, it is back to where it once left off. With the unions representing about 40,000 striking workers, the talks are underway. However, strikers still want to keep up the heat on the company while picketers continued targeting Verizon wireless stores from Massachusetts to Virginia, reports Fortune.

Also, the strikers are involving local politicians to aid their cause. Just recently, the Syracuse, N.Y. city council voted in favor of a resolution that supported the cause of the strikers and criticized Verizon for a "campaign to destroy good jobs."

"It's great to get that support from our public officials to see that they're standing behind us for good middle class jobs and against the corporate greed of Verizon," Nikki Tonas, a 19-year-old Verizon employee who works as a fiber network technician and union rep, said after the vote.

Meanwhile, the Syracuse resolution, which did not include a pledge to stop doing business with Verizon, marks the 16th municipal vote in favor of the strikers across the region. Other cities passing measures backing the strikers included Braintree, Cambridge and Boston in Massachusetts as well as the towns of Babylon and New Paltz in New York, according to the same post.

On a different note, iTech Post formerly reported of the issues pertaining to the rising complaints that have led to the involvement of the White House and its great oval office. Along that line, notions of the tyranny and the division ending with the involvement of nation's seat of government arise.

The strike has taking its toll not only on Verizon but its workforce and other segments as well. Unless Verizon comes up with a fair plan and deal, the strikers are more than willing to prolong their agony until their aspirations are met. Nonetheless, speculations that the Verizon strike will end sooner or later still remains unsettled until both parties meet an agreement.

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