‘Overwatch’ Review: The Right, Effortless Way To Enjoy Multiplayers

"Overwatch" is out and Blizzard did not fail to make the wait worth it. Yes, the newly released multiplayer first-person shooter game are all praises and kudos from the growing number of fans. Here is everything the critics and gamers alike have to say.

According to Telegraph, "Overwatch" has a lot to offer, but the one thing that it really prides is its effortlessness. Despite all the seemingly complex trailers and descriptions, the game does not require any player to burden himself with how-tos and whatnots.

Unlike the usual multiplayer first-person shooter games, "Overwatch" does not give its players a heart attack. Fans will learn how a game this easy can actually be possible. Blizzard's latest title will not find them in the midst of learning all the difficulties there is to learn -- from characters to skills to the entire gameplay.

When players start playing, they will soon be impressed with how natural "Overwatch" is. Sooner or later, everything just falls into the right places. Once the basics are handled, adapting to the various flow of matches becomes a walk in the park. This, in one way or another, becomes a factor in providing the right amount of excitement and fun -- something that most multiplayer games fail to do these days.

Stuff, on the other hand, cites how "Overwatch" brought the fun back to first-person shooter games. This is due to Blizzard's decision to remove the seemingly boring gameplay feature -- the deathmatch, that is.

From titles to titles (the likes of "Doom," "Gears of War" and "Call of Duty"), the mainstay has always been the purpose of taking out the opposition and avoid being killed. Sure, this can still be fun, but there are plenty of ways to bring out the excitement. And yes, this is where Blizzard's "Overwatch" excels.

Simply put, "Overwatch" puts players in a decision to team up with other players and work together. In order for them to achieve one common goal, they must learn how to play as a team.

They need not to go all out, taking the enemies single-handedly. With Blizzard's latest entry, team coordination and communication is of utmost importance. Hence, "Overwatch" is a hit.

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